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Milan Seethe | Active

Details are updated as of the most recent Mercyverse published work


Silence Fallen

  • Master is the head of a collective of vampires160
  • all Master vampires in Europe obey Bonarata otherwise they would be destroyed194
  • Bonarata protects no one; just dictates, and they do or they die195

Location & Relocation

Milan, Italy

Lair Description

Miscellaneous Notes

Silence Fallen

  • no second, killed them all for getting too ambitious; collection of lieutenants

Appearances & Mentions

Seethe Members

Listed in alphabetical order after the seethe leader.

Approximate Size

Seethe Leader & Dominant Master Vampires

Seethe Leader
Name Notes
Jacob Bonarata Master: Defacto Leader of European vampires
Dominant Master Vampires
Name Notes
Ignatio Lieutenant
Guccio de' Medici Lieutenant

Active Seethe Vampires


To Seethe
Name Previous Seethe Notes Source
Away From Seethe
Name New Seethe Notes Source
Andre Mid-Columbia Seethe Exiled Moon Called
Marsilia Mid-Columbia Seethe Exiled Moon Called
Mary Prague Seethe (2) Relocation Silence Fallen
Stefan Mid-Columbia Seethe Exiled Moon Called
Wulfe Mid-Columbia Seethe Exiled Moon Called

Deceased Seethe Vampires

Both recent and historical mentions of seethe member death.

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