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Adam Hauptman|Alpha


Moon Called

  • Adamya40
  • Boss133
  • Sarge237

Physical Description

Moon Called

  • Five foot ten, a hundred and eighty pounds. Dark hair, dark eyes32
  • His face and coloring were Slavic: dusky skin, dark hair-though not as dark as Mercy's-wide cheekbones, and a narrow but sensual mouth. He wasn't tall or bulky, and a human might wonder why all eyes turned to him when he walked into a room. Then they'd see his face and assume, wrongly, that it was the attraction. Adam was an Alpha, and if he'd been ugly he would have held the attention of anyone who happened to be nearby, wolf or human-but the masculine beauty he carried so unself-consciously didn't hurt. Under usual circumstances, his eyes were a rich chocolate brown45


Adam Hauptman Injuries & Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #1: Moon Called
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Belly Cut/Gutted66 Werewolf Mercenary
Broken and Rebroken Leg92 Werewolf Mercenary, Rebroken by Samuel Cornick
Drugged with Tranquilizer Darts260 Werewolf Mercenaries

Appearances & Mentions



Moon Called

  • His eyes lightened with his anger until they were almost yellow45
  • His body was a deep silver, almost blue, with an undercoat of lighter colors. Like a Siamese cat's, his muzzle, ears, tail and legs deepened to black66
  • Turned by a warlord in Vietnam after a failed assassination trip124
  • Nearly the strongest Alpha in the US127
  • Fourth most dominant wolf in the US228
  • Doesn't want to be Marrok247

Blood Bound

  • Was one of the hundred or so werewolves who'd revealed themselves to the public, but wasn't one of the front men. He didn't have the temperament for being a celebrity43
  • A muscular silver and black wolf235
  • Away from the pack, he can make the Alpha go dormant268
  • His eyes brilliant yellow wolf's eyes289



Family & Significant Other


Character Traits & Facts

Moon Called

  • Has a drawl still held from a childhood spent in the deep South59
  • Always meticulous in his dress and grooming114
  • Uses crudeness as he uses all of his weapons: seldom, but with great effect138

Blood Bound

  • As Alpha of the local werewolf pack, Adam was used to having short-term guests and had more bedrooms than Mercy did41
  • Loves textures and warm colors138
  • Adam's publicity shot showed a conservative businessman253
  • He was a product of his times. He might look like he was in his late twenties, but he'd been born just after WWII, and a man raised in the 1950's didn't talk about his feelings268
  • Stuffed the Alpha down so it doesn't interfere with his everyday life. When he negotiates contracts, he doesn't like to exert undue influence on the people he's dealing with. Even in the pack, he doesn't use it much269
  • Didn't have Samuel's ability to throw off all his humanity and revel in the joy of being a wild thing. Instead, he played with the same intensity he used for everything273

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

Moon Called

  • Special Forces long-range recon in Vietnam124

Blood Bound

  • Worked with the government for forty-odd years, first in the military and later as a security consultant, he'd developed a network of contacts as well as an understanding of politics43


Moon Called

  • Speaks Russian51

Spirituality & Personality

Moon Called

  • Took life so seriously114
  • Always had a reason for everything he said124
  • Control freak130
  • Had a hot temper, explosive even-although he could be persuaded to listen, once he'd calmed down again228
  • Only a fool would think he could get Adam to move a step he doesn't choose to245
  • Charming, overbearing, hot-tempered man303

Blood Bound

  • A straightforward person-but he understood necessity87
  • Honest, hardworking, and generous. He's a good father. He's loyal to his people and he takes care of them108
  • Takes care of his own. Wolf, human or whatever110
  • Didn't believe in God140
  • Wouldn't ever kill an innocent bystander-not even to save Mercy289

Talents & Skills

Moon Called

  • Can be a jerk, but competence is his forte32
  • Can help wolves get control of their beasts42

Blood Bound

  • Knew how to play mind games132
  • Usually made sense even when he was shouting at the top of his lungs140

Health & Fitness

Moon Called

  • Had been a warrior even before he'd been Changed66

Blood Bound

  • His kicks were picture perfect82
  • Uses aikido82


Moon Called

  • Unless Adam had company, he kept his house dark64

Blood Bound

  • His voice has a calm and brisk rhythm he uses when things are really bad128


With Mercy

Moon Called

  • Took every opportunity to remind Mercy that she was only here on his sufferance: a walker being no real match for a werewolf11
  • Bran had asked Adam to keep an eye on Mercy for him101
  • One of Adam's jobs was to make sure Mercy didn't run around telling the world about werewolves155
  • Adam staked his claim on Mercy before his pack157
  • Has a picture of Mercy in his bedroom248

Blood Bound

  • Had a marked tendency to treat Mercy like one of his minions when it suited him, and like a human stray when it didn't. He'd declared Mercy his mate before the pack-and then had the gall to tell her it was for her own protection43
  • They'd spent years as adversaries, two predators sharing territory and a certain, unwelcome attraction. Somehow, during all of those years Mercy spent outwardly acquiescing to his demands while making sure she held her own, she'd won his respect90
  • Usually opened Mercy's car door270

With Jesse

Moon Called

  • Jesse was in town to spend Thanksgiving with Adam55
  • Feels all fatherly if he can complain about Jesse's hair55
  • Would never bring a wolf he had to restrain into his house while Jesse was there65
  • Would do anything to save Jesse247

Blood Bound

  • Never let anything, not business, not the pack, come before his daughter44
  • Had been careful to keep Jesse out of the way of the press109

With the Pack

Moon Called

  • Adam summoned Warren to his house before he was pack and interrogated him for two hours. At the end of it, Adam told Warren he didn't care if a wolf wanted to screw ducks as long as he'd listen to orders138
  • Warren is Adam's best friend138
  • Would've given Warren permission to tell Kyle a long time ago, but he has to obey orders, too153

Blood Bound

  • The wolves were all his family118
  • Adam told the others that Warren was his third137

With the Wolves

Moon Called

  • Samuel is more dominant127
  • Bran considered using Adam-the handsome Vietnam war hero as the poster child for werewolves156
  • Adam had spent time in Aspen Creek222
  • Likes the Marrok too much to challenge him240

With the Vampires

Moon Called

  • Thinks Stefan's not bad for a vampire132

Name: Adam Alexander Hauptman

AKA: BossMC-133 | SargeMC-222 | AdamyaMC-37

Appearances & Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched

Alpha&Omega 3: Fair Game

Graphic Novel: Homecoming Graphic Novel: Hopcross Jilly

Short Story: Redemption Short Story: Hollow

Gender: Male

Classification: Werewolf [Pack Affiliation] See Columbia Basin Pack | Alpha See Werewolf Ethology [Former] See Los Alamos Pack | Alpha

Classification Description:

Deep silver fur, almost blue, with an undercoat of lighter colors. Like a Siamese cat's his muzzle, ears, tail and legs deepened to blackMC-62 Yellow eyes [Force Changed] Vietnam War changed, as was David Christiansen, by a werewolf warlord they were sent to assassinate; only survivors of a six man teamMC-116

Age: @64 years old

DOB: “he'd been born just after WWII” BB-268

POB: Childhood spent in the deep SouthMC-56 AlabamaFT

Father: Name Unknown

Mother: Name Unknown she used to threaten to shoot Adam's fatherRM-188

Siblings: N/A

Children: See Jesse Hauptman

Other Relatives: [Mother-In-Law] See Margi

Significant Other: [Mate & Wife] See Mercedes Thompson Hauptman [Ex-Wife] See Christy Hauptman

Residence: Finley, Washington | See Blueprints and Property Descriptions

Neighbours, Friends & Acquaintances: [Former Neighbour]See Samuel Cornick [Friend] Bill, a contractorHo-

Occupation: [Former]Ex-military SergeantFB— Army Special Forces Ranger- Long-Range Recon Patrol - LRRPMC-116 | Honorably discharged in 1973RM-168 [Present]CEO of a security contracting firm for various government agenciesSB-06; his security company protects Amercian nuclear technology from foreign handsSB-28; deals primarily with government contractors but since his reveals as a werewolf his business had started to boom on other frontsRM-04 [Present]Runs a security business with a bunch of ex-solidersBB-83 [Present]Consultant and negotiator in Washington, D.C.IK-112

Employees: See Carlos has a lawyer he kept on the payroll for his security businessIK-47 has three or four werewolves from his pack employed at his security businessBC-58

was actively looking for someone to do most of the traveling for his security business but hasn't found the right person yetRM-04

Vehicle: [Present]a truckSB-17 [Former]SUVIK-147; an ExplorerBC-82

Physical Description: 5'10“ and 180lbsMC-30 Rich Chocolate Brown eyesMC-42 his scent is rich and exoticMC-263 Face and coloring were Slavic: dusky skin, dark hair, wide cheekbones, and a narrow but sensual mouthMC-42 Strikingly beautiful featuresMC-89 Has a military posture; shoulders just a little stiff, back just a little too straightMC-25 Dark; naturally curly hair; usually kept too short to look anything but neat and well groomedBC-05 has a dimpleBC-84 His coloring is a bit lighter than Mercy's–which left him with a deep tan and dark brown hair that he kept trimmed just a little longer than military standardsIK-147 His wide cheekbones made his mouth look a little bit narrow, but that didn't detract from his beautyIK-147 build of a wrestlerSB-16 usually looked like a man well into his thirtiesRM-73 Mercy thinks he keeps his hair short because his face embarrasses him and the short hair removes any hint of vanitySB-16 heads turn when he walks bySB-28

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Work Experience & Languages: can speak RussianMC-48 lost a lot of things fighting in VietnamRM-30 he notices things; part of it is being a werewolf but a bigger part comes from his time as a member of a Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol in the jungles of VietnamRM-147 is apparently a very good bossFB- has connections with the DEANB-

Spirituality & Personality: his control is very, very good, but when he lost it he went berserkIK-112 very good at honor and duty; he was a man who could make the hard choiceSB-58 is staunch and trueSB-82 has always had heroic tendenciesSB-109 he was pretty black and white about right and wrongBC-62 not so much for following orders as written; prefers the spirit to the letter of the lawSB-109; the line between black and white is the one he draws lost a lot of things fighting in Vietnam; his humanity and belief in God were just a few of themRM-30 Adam got mad for three reasons: first was frustration, second was if anyone was trying to harm someone under his protection, and third was pain-physical or otherwiseRM-83 usually he is pretty straightforwardRM-84 used to taking responsibility for the world on his broad shoulders; if there was a problem, and he thought he could help, he wouldRM-155 had a hot temper, but he was always, always in control because he needed to protect the ones he cared about—even if it destroyed him insteadFB-

Talents & Skills: competence is his forteMC-30 has been Alpha in the Tri-Cities as long as there'd been a pack in the Tri-CitiesIK-40 he can really cook but mostly didn't botherIK-97 told Warren, who told Mercy, that he lost his virginity under the bleachersSB-24 bowls like he does everything else, with a deadly earnestness and decisive style; controlled powerSB-28 had a lot of experience dealing with scared peopleRM-105 was very good on cameraFB- looked at Adam, because people just do. Humans are not immune to the reassurance that he brings with him like an invisible cloak; part of it is being Alpha, and part of it is just AdamNB- reputation as a hero and a pillar of all that was good and civilFB-

Health & Fitness: looks like someone who could carry a great deal of weight without effortBC-31 bore the cost when he declared Mercy his mate and that declaration wasn't answered; it left him weaker, crabbier, and less able to help his pack stay calm, cool, and collectedSB-26 shot four times with DMSO/silver nitrate/ketamine tranquilizer; broken leg; guttedMC- Quirks: always meticulous in his dress and groomingMC-107 doesn't like to swear in front of womenBC-05 wears sunglasses in publicBC-55 wears suits 6 out of 7 days of the weekBC-82 reads biographiesBC-82 likes footballBC-210 is mostly uninterested in children(other than his own) until they are teenagers or older and, capable of interesting conversationSB-30 almost a celebrity in the Tri-Cities, but hoping the fascination with him would die downRM-99 his phone does things that Mercy's computer struggles withRM-159 couldn’t handle Walmart on a quiet dayFB- Adam always drove the speed limitHo-


With Mercy: one of his jobs was to make sure Mercy didn't run around telling the world about werewolvesMC-146 Adam would die for his mateBC-60 was not given to playfulness, except with MercySB-16 sees Mercy as tough and capableSB-21 loves Mercy's motherRM-30 gave Mercy one of dog tags on a thick gold chain for her to put her wedding rings on while she worked; the dog tag meant more to him than the ringRM-52 likes it when Mercy defends him; he hasn't had that happen a lotNB- would wake up in the middle of the night and put his head against Mercy's chest to hear her heart beatHo- he had nightmares that Coyote hadn’t come in time to fix herHo- he forgets sometimes that Mercy is as much a predator as he isFB-

With Jesse & With Christy: Adam would sacrifice the world for his daughterFB-

With His Wolf: has a hot temper, worse even than most werewolvesIK-111 doesn't like being a werewolf, hates it; thinks it makes him a freakSB-115 his wolf is a creature of the momentSB-18 doesn't trust his wolfSB-117 wolves love to run, but even most of them don't love to run the way Adam doesRM-52

With His Pack: some Alphas had to depend upon bars to control new wolves, Adam wasn't one of themMC-24 Adam is one of five or six in the Columbia Basin Pack to have come out in the openBC-56 calls members of his pack 'my children'BC-73 has been an Alpha for more than twenty yearsSB-19 his home is the den, the heart of the pack; the place they go to feel safeSB-24 at any given time there are a couple of extra people sleeping over at Pack HQRM-21 put all of his abilities, physical and mental, to protecting the pack from anything that would hurt themRe- Adam seemed to viewed Ben as a challengeRe- it was his duty to protect the pack, and Peter most of all had been his to keep safeFB-

With the Cornicks: sometimes he and Samuel have trouble being in the same room togetherSB-15 doesn't know if he could take Samuel in a fightSB-110 bound to the Marrok as an Alpha by blood sworn oathsSB-117 Bran failed to see when he’d been worried that Adam’s temper meant that he should be kept out of the public’s eyeFB-

With the Vampires: Marsilia considers him a colleague, which would surprise himFB-

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