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Jacob Bonarata


Moon Called

  • Lord of Night201
  • Master of Milan201

Blood Bound

  • The Old One264
  • The Old Master264

Frost Burned

  • Iacapo296

Silence Fallen

  • Iacopo21

Physical Description

Silence Fallen

  • At least fifty pounds heavier and three inches taller than Guccio, with the face of a boxer or a dockworker. His nose had been broken a few times, and over his left eye was the sort of scar that you got when someone punched you in the eye and the skin around the socket split10
  • His eyes were brown, ordinary except for the expression in them. Something very cold and hungry looked out10


Appearances & Mentions


Vampires & Sheep - Vampire


Silence Fallen

  • Radiated nothing in the presence of power15
  • None of the other vampires chose to challenge him, so he was the de facto leader of the European vampires21
  • Unchallenged since the Renaissance, when he rose to power as a very young and ambitious monster22
  • For all that he wasn’t pretty, he exuded a sexual bonhomie that was very powerful. The only thing Mercy had felt that was anything like it was when the fae tavern owner, Uncle Mike, turned on the charm. For Uncle Mike it was magic, and it had nothing to do with sex. The Lord of Night was all about sex and earthy things—but it was also magic. He’d been using it on her subtly from the moment Guccio had left her cell, but when he laughed, the magic simply boiled out of him like an invisible fog. Mercy caught the shadow of its effect, intended or not. This magic should have enhanced the sexual pull of the Lord of Night22
  • Could get and give information through his minions127
  • Doesn't feed from males177


Milan Seethe*Master


Family & Significant Other



Character Traits & Facts

Silence Fallen

  • His speech had a touch of British enunciation, colored with Italian that was more of a hint than a real accent13
  • His voice was seductive. Not beautiful, but deeply, richly masculine in a way that owed nothing to magic23
  • Has spider silk throughout the world. He owns corporations based in New York and Texas as well as Buenos Aires and Hong Kong. He has owned four of the last six presidents, though they did not know it47
  • Owns homes in New York, Florida, and Arizona as well as South America51

Education, Work Experience & Languages


Silence Fallen

  • Speaks Italian
  • Knows sign language284

Spirituality & Personality

Blood Bound

  • The Old Master would be intrigued by the power of a creature who can make a vampire as old as Stefan bow to his will264

Frost Burned

  • Intrigued by Frost's machinations296
  • Problem with living so long is that one grows so bored that even disaster seems a good thing296
  • Does scary and very dramatic things to people who break his rules296

Silence Fallen

  • Does not deal well with threats47
  • Loves adulation, to be admired. He is man enough to understand that if that sentiment is only the result of his magic, it means less53
  • Doesn’t like admitting to real mistakes, only pretend ones120
  • Does terrible things, then lies to himself about it because he doesn’t want to believe that he is any different from the Renaissance prince he once was159
  • Smart, savvy, and incredibly wealthy, and he uses it to ensure his own survival. But because he sees his survival as depending upon how the supernatural predators interact with humans, he is a very strong force for stability159

Talents & Skills

Silence Fallen

  • Inspires loyalty by using various methods, and some of them are damaging50
  • Good at being a monster and good at survival159

Health & Fitness


Silence Fallen

  • His plans are like hydras with many tentacles woven together. He doesn’t care which path is taken as long as all possible outcomes leave him on top323


With the Vampires

Moon Called

  • Stuck a pin in a map to choose Marsilia's place of exile190
  • Exiled Signora Marsilia here with those who owed her life or vassalage190

River Marked

  • Max Schreck attended one of the festas of the Master of Milan, the Lord of Night, without invitationR. Many powerful people cowered before one unwashed, poorly dressed, amazingly ugly man. Stefan saw him kill a two-hundred-year-old vampire with a look—just disintegrated her to dust with one glance because she laughed at him; The Lord of the Night, who was her master, was very old and powerful, even then—and he did not voice an objection though she was the youngest of his get and dear to him22

Frost Burned

  • Marsilia held the Master of Milan in thrall for centuries293
  • Any vampire with two pennies' worth of common sense is terrified of attracting the attention of the Lord of Night293
  • Even now, the Lord of Milan talks of Marsilia to his courtiers293
  • Only great love can inspire such heated rage293
  • Angry with Marsilia, but he would enjoy avenging her; he would enjoy mourning her death twice as much296
  • Wonder if he has anyone left in his court who knows his given name296
  • Wulfe called Iacapo and yelled at him. Said he was getting old and lazy if he couldn’t bestir himself to ‘squish’ Frost298
  • Wulfe made Iacapo298
  • Iacapo could never get Wulfe to obey him any better than Marsilia could298
  • Painting of Marsilia created on the evening she was banished is still on the wall above his bed so that he can show his lovers that none can compare with his Bright Dagger301
  • My beautiful, deadly flower, my Bright Dagger, you dare more than I can allow. I will die of sorrow and boredom without you, but it must be done301
  • The Master of Milan composed a love song in her honor, as beautiful as his pain, that all who listen to it are moved to tears301
  • Stefan suspects that the Lord of Night won’t stir himself to come punish him for a result that he himself desired331

Silence Fallen

  • Exiled Marsilia for feeding from his werewolf mistress26
  • He and Marsilia were lovers26
  • Told Stefan that if he became Marsilia's lover, he would hunt Stefan to the ends of the earth47
  • Made by Wulfe49
  • Got tired of killing his favorite heirs when they got ambitions160
  • Now has a collection of lieutenants, powerful in their own ways, but not a second160
  • Loved power more than he loved Marsilia301
  • Broke Wulfe302

When a Challenge is Issued Among Vampires

Frost Burned

  • Master of Milan’s remembering that his job is to destroy vermin—even all the way across the world296
  • Iacapo will be handicapped by his own rules296
  • Free and easy the former master is with his own rules296
  • Frost's is the challenge and the manner of challenge. Marsilia's choice is the place and the official, or the Master of Ceremonies306
  • Chosen three against three. Two fighters, with Frost as the captain of his, and Marsilia as the captain of hers, with the other two participants on either side yet to be chosen. The fight is to the death of one captain or the other. As soon as that elimination takes place, the other members of the teams may quit fighting—or not, as they choose307
  • Captains can call upon anyone to be on their team and those persons cannot refuse. The only stipulation is that they must be present—which for our purposes means within five minutes. An unwilling team member will not fight for you as well as one who chooses to fight. After the teams are chosen, you will each retreat to the farthest corner opposite each other and take five minutes to confer before the battle begins38
  • For the duration of the fight, the participants may use anything, any power, any weapon that comes to their hand. People who are not participants may not fight. Violators will be killed—by Master of Ceremonies—and if such violation, in his estimation, leads directly to a victory, that victory will be overturned by the Lord of Night308
  • The rules are the Lord of Night’s. Master of Ceremonies job is to make those rules clear309
  • The first call for comrades belongs to the challenged309

With the Wolves

Silence Fallen

  • Addicted to werewolf blood26
  • He stole the mate of an old and dominant werewolf and made her his mindless slave. When her mate tried to save her, he destroyed the whole pack except for the Alpha52
  • Stole the wolf female from the Milan Alpha because he could. When the Alpha objected, Iacopo had him brought here and tortured him until he’d broken them both177

With the Fae

Silence Fallen

  • Zee and Bonarata had had interaction in the past. One in which the vampire had not come out on top117

With Humans

Silence Fallen

  • Paid Elizaveta to remove his addiction to werewolf blood and do all the things Mary had once done for his seethe361
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