Press Release

Mercy Thompson Adaptation

April 1, 2023

New York Times Best Selling Author Patricia Briggs’ office confirms the donation of the rights to produce an adaptation of the Mercy Thompson series to a local Tri-Cities high school, to be used as a fund raiser for their miniature goat barn raising. The Finnish language class of Richland High School (Home of the Bombers) has also received a substantial grant from the Cumbric Preservation Society, which will be used to produce the Claymation animation (with Finish Subtitles for class credit) of Briggs’ best selling series.

Briggs’ office also confirms that, per the terms of Patty’s legal agreement with Amazon, all characters featured in this adaptation must be written out of future books, so fans will no longer be able to read about the adventures of fan favorite characters Jesse, Tad, and Medea. Briggs has assured her fans that their demise will be painless and quick, and the memorials will be tasteful.

Press Contact: Ann Peters

Patty has long been a supporter of the Public school system and has especially wanted to give back locally. The opportunity to share her love of animals by helping build an area where students can study animal science through a hands on miniature goat experience is so fulfilling.

It’s sad to see the characters of Jesse, Tad and Medea leave the Mercy Thompson written universe but we’re excited to see this new journey the class has set for them. The students are hard at work creating but have kindly sent a few behind the scenes pictures so that we can share a bit of the magic behind the curtain.

Go Bombers!

Instinct Anthology

Release Date March 7th

A Memory of Witches Snippet

Feb 25, 2023

Instinct is an animal rescuers antholgy with a release date of March 7th edited by L.J. Hachmeister. Patty's story is A Memory of Witches, a story about Sherwood Post and his kitten Pirate.

Like Adam Mercy was average in height and unusually fit–the second being a byproduct of being a shapeshifter. He’d heard her father was a Native American. He’d also heard her father was Coyote–but that could have been an attempt to elevate her status. Having a coyote shapeshifter as the mate of their Alpha could have been a political liability for the pack. Naming her Coyote’s daughter, even fictionally, made her sound cool.

2023 In-Person Appearances

Feb 1, 2023

Patty is currently making very limited appearances and signings in 2023. She has a lot of upcoming deadlines so she's focusing on those commitments. We will update event times and locations here closer to the confirmed dates.

FYI, with any new release Patty will be signing books for several bookstores, as well as for The Signed Page and Adventures Underground so you can order your autographed copies from them! You are also welcome to send your books to Patty for autographs any time as well; we ask that you include a stamped and self addressed envelope so we can send the books right back and a note saying how you want her to sign them ("Patty loves me best," etc.).

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 5394, Benton City, WA, 99320.
--Ann the trusty assistant