Possible Mercy Thompson Television Show?

Amazon Prime

April 19, 2022

It is possible, and even probable, that Patty's readers all over the world can hear us screaming right now. These are screams of delight, though, so never fear!

For the past many months, the trusty assistant has had her mouth firmly duct taped, and Patty has been biting her tongue so hard that Marsilia's seethe has developed an unhealthy interest in that appendage. However, we have received official permission to share our Big News, and Patty can now ice down her poor tongue, and Ann can try to pull her hair free from the duct tape.

We are SO excited to share that Amazon Prime has optioned the rights to make a Mercy Thompson series!

Yes, that's right! And yes, we are listening to your own screams now! You may also join us in jumping up and down and squealing like rowdy children!

Before we get too excited (oops, too late!😂), this is merely an option - they haven't actually started anything yet, and they might not - the contract says they have eighteen months to move forward with this project. (The trusty assistant has threatened to smite them if they don't run with it, though, and Patty has a backhoe; no one will ever know, right?)

Assuming they do move forward with it, there are things we must all keep in mind:

- Patty will have no say in the casting. Zero. Zip. Nada. If your favorite actor isn't cast, it's not her fault, honest, so please don't send us hate mail about it! We do realize this will be a hot topic of discussion, and it's fun to dream, so we will be starting a separate Facebook page for you to hypothesize and chat about casting to your hearts' content. We'll post that link soon.

- It is inevitable that a dramatic series will differ from the books in at least some ways. Also, it will be very different from what is in our heads. Not everyone will be happy with the end result. We are expecting that. The bottom line is that it will be based on Patty's characters and books, so we know it will be a darned fine story, no matter what. We just need to keep open minds. Patty has made the very difficult decision to entrust these wonderful and creative people with her "children," and we are excited to see what they will do with her fictional family and how they will grow. It should be an incredible journey!

- And speaking of bottom lines, if the series gets made, it will pay for a new hay barn for Patty's precious horses, so we are therefore completely delighted with this project far, far in advance! Anything that benefits Patty's horses is completely delightful and admirable! (That's your cue to agree with us!😁) So. That's our exciting news, and that's why we can't concentrate on "real" work today, LOL! It's hard to focus when we're dreaming of the Mercyverse on screen! We're trying to not get too crazy excited until this moves forward from an option to a project...but who are we kidding, right? We're excited, no matter what happens! It is an honor for Patty's work to be considered, and the trusty assistant has her heart set on a selfie in a director's chair (when the director isn't there, of course). We're in a "wait and see" mode, possibly for eighteen months. Crossed fingers!

We will share details with you as we receive them.

Tomorrow we will go back to proper work. Today, we are dreaming!