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April 4,11; May 4,17; June 1,17 2024

I bet you all think the job of a trusty assistant is to sit around and read, and gossip with Patty's fans, right? Well, you're partly right, LOL, but I do other things as well, including going through boxes that have sat in Patty's storage space for a long, long, long time! And guess what I found?

I found treasures!!!

We now have several boxes of Patty's books that have been translated into other languages: French, German, Polish, Czech, Danish, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, and Thai. We also have a surfeit of some of Patty's English language books.

But! This takes up room in MY closet, which I need for silly little things such as office and cleaning supplies, LOL. So we must make room and find other storage places for these books - such as on YOUR bookshelves!

We are going to do drawings on the 8th and 23rd of each month until these books all have new homes. There is no guarantee what books will be in each "grab bag;" I'll just dip into them randomly and pull out two or three at a time. Since we're doing this drawing ourselves and paying for the postage, this drawing is open to all of you, no matter where you live (although if you live up high in the Himalayas with no postal address, the delivery people might get testy with us).

Click on the link below to enter. You'll likely get tired of seeing this post, because we'll keep re-posting it every two weeks until we unload - I mean - re-home - all of these lovely books. Good luck, everyone!
--Ann the trusty assistant

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April Fool's Joke

Patricia Briggs Missing?

April 1, 2024

The vampires have it out for Patty! Thanks for playing along everyone!

NOTE: This was yesterday's April Fools prank! We hope you went to the web site and enjoyed reading the entire article, and laughed at the posters! We moderators had a wonderful time collaborating with Patty and each other, and we hope you had as much fun reading them as we did making them! Also, special shout out to Dave Allen, who let us use his name and rank to lend "authenticity" to this article! --Ann the trusty assistant

If you've come from links from Patty's other social media, this is the full article that we uploaded. Below that are the posters that are around the Tri-Cities that were sent to us. Again, We don't want to alarm anyone, we just want you all to be aware of the situation and as soon as we hear anything more we'll do an update. -- Moderator Team

Missing Poster 1
Missing Poster 2 Missing Poster 3
Missing Poster 4 Missing Poster 5

Be Our Valentine Giveaway

One Winner 2 Hardcovers

International Entrants Welcome

February 6, 2024

Nothing says I love you like a dead bunny, right?

Oops. Actually, nothing says you're sorry like a dead bunny. Never mind. My bad.

But Patty loves you all, even without dead bunnies, so we're going to do a giveaway to prove it - a hardback edition of Soul Taken and Wild Sign! Enter on the link below, and we'll do the drawing on Valentine's Day (February 14th). Patty will autograph them for the winner, and I'll ship them out to you wherever you might be - and I promise not to include any bunnies, alive or dead!

--Ann the trusty assistant

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