Map of the Traveler's Lands

Traveler Map

A heartfelt thank you, once again, to Michael Enzweiler for his efforts in making a map for the world of the Travelers. As always, his work is superb, as you can readily see. I can remember reading many other books and looking at the maps. Maps of faraway lands like multiple Neverlands, beckoning me to visit. Later, when I was writing books, I often had to draw crude maps to keep track of distances and directions, but these were working maps, unfit for publication, and (except for horses) I am no artist whatever I may wish.

Michael is a digital artist with commerical art experience, and works long hours to make maps of my worlds as nice as any I've seen. For those who think this is easy, I'd like to mention a few of the criteria for book art. The image has to be easily readable at paperback sizes. Since these maps will not be reproduced as fine lithographs, fine lines and delicate cross-hatching may not be accurately reproduced -- read that as "fine lines dissapear, and all crosshatching, stippling etc. may just turn black". Ha, you say, I'll draw in a thousand shades of gray, and avoid stippling altogether. Alas, however you choose to draw it the final image must be only TWO colors -- black and white (or buff, or whatever color the publisher chooses to print it on).

Michael, thank you for your time and efforts, you are appreciated!

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