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So my editor called and said, "Hey, Patty, you know those books you like? The modern paranormal fantasy with vampires and werewolves?"

And I found myself writing two of them. Since I was pretty burned out from writing Raven's Strike in a very short time, it seemed like it might be a better answer to writer's funk than just taking time off -- especially since it paid better than vacationing.

Moon Called is the beginning of the story of Mercedes Thompson a coyote shapeshifter who is also a pretty decent mechanic. Mercy's world looksa lot like ours except that the Otherworld is begining to be forced out of hiding by our modern technologies. Mercy shares her back fence with the localAlpha werewolf and works evenings on the vampire Stefan's VW bus. She's safe and content -- which doesn't make a very interesting story, does it? So, of course,matters begin to change on the first page. In this book Mercy faces trolls and gremlins, old boyfriends and older vampires. I hope you enjoy her story.