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Mercyverse Witches

Witch History

Alpha & Omega Series #1: Cry Wolf

  • the few witchblood families left in Europe during the Napoleonic Wars had quit killing each other, forced instead to protect themselves from the ravages of more mundane fighting121
  • clans of witches213
  • a bad time for all in Europe; the Inquisition had taken a terrible toll a couple of centuries before - and when it was over, the witches started fighting for power; only Napoleon kept them from exterminating each other entirely213
  • the only Western European bloodline to survive the power struggle was the Torvalis line, which was interbred with the Gypsies213
  • witches were still born here and there into mundane families, but seldom had a tenth of the power of the old families214
  • the Eastern European and Oriental witches had never established the kind of dynasties the Western European witches had214
  • they guarded their spells from each other; so each family tended to specialize214
  • witches are so jealous of each other219

Mercy Thompson Series #10: Silence Fallen

  • Spanish Inquisition set off the Witch Wars294
  • centuries ago every village had a coven of witches294
  • every city of any size had a witch as strong as Elizaveta Arkadyevana in charge of it294
  • humans began it, driving the witches into breaking treaties that had been in place for centuries; by the time it was finished it seemed for fifty years after that they had succeeded in killing off every witchborn person on the planet294

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • back in the days covens dotted the landscape of Europe155
  • covens are no more; just make-believe attempts; not enough witches from thirteen families258

General Witch Behavior & Facts

Chat Transcripts

  • a witch is born to use magic Chat 2007-11-03
  • they are trained in spell usage Chat 2007-11-03
  • and they are usually born to different families who are witches Chat 2007-11-03
  • some of the things witches can do to increase their power, is as corrupting as sorcery Chat 2007-11-03
  • witches do things with mind and body. Wizards have power over the physical – and both do magic. The ends are sometimes the same, but the means are different. It's far easier to be a powerful wizard and still be a good person then it is to be a powerful witch Chat 2008-07-27

Alpha & Omega Series

Cry Wolf

  • witches often hired themselves out181
  • there were witches who regularly worked for the various law-enforcement agencies181
  • most witches are human and not immortal191
  • witches and dead things went together; there were witches that didn't kill but they were far less powerful than their darker sisters234
  • magic and fire have an odd, synergistic effect sometimes237
  • likely the witches didn't know why it was forbidden for them to try to take a werewolf for a pet or familiar–not that most of them had the power to do it239

Covens & Witch Families

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • a coven of witches was thirteen witches, one from each of the thirteen families288
  • if you had a complete coven, then you were limited in power only by your imagination288
  • since they are witches, usually that lasted a few months or a year at a time before someone fought with someone else and there would be bodies all over the place; untidy folk, witches2884
  • examples of what they did: Stonehenge, the Little Ice Age, a couple of volcanic eruptions; used plagues to discipline rules who worked against them288
  • the Great Plague of London killed a hundred thousand people in eighteen months; the London Coven was killed by Bran Cornick288

Mercyverse Short Fiction: Seeing Eye

  • thirteen members139
  • no member related to any other to the sixth generation
  • each family amassed its own specialty spells, and a coven of thirteen benefited from all those differing magics139
  • most of the witchblood families had been wiped out by fighting among themselves, covens became a thing of the past139

Mercy Thompson Series #6: River Marked

  • Gordon Seeker burned cleaned out a coven; burned the whole town down to do it; Maryhill never recovered

Types of Witches

Spell Casting

Alpha & Omega Series #1: Cry Wolf

  • illusions were among the very basic tenets of witchcraft174
  • imprisoning spells are pretty basic189
  • a strong enough witch can control any werewolf who doesn't have a pack to protect him; it is forbidden by witch law, but it is possible218
  • it usually took witches a while to gain a hold on a lone wolf232
  • power circles: some witches used them to set guard spells to keep things they valued safe, and others used them to store power for drawing upon later234
  • changing what the senses of others perceived was one of the major powers of the witch234
  • most of witchcraft is potions and spells236
  • witches could hide in plain sight if they had some sort of hold on you; hide-me spells238
  • a witch's creations did not survive their maker280

Alpha & Omega Series #2: Hunting Ground

  • self-sacrifice–as when the witch uses her own blood to fuel a spell – has some power, but it's difficult to work withHG-120

Magic Spells

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