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Oaths fairy gifts: you mean no harm to me and mine, you will swear it 89

The Ancient Bargain & Lies

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • most fae cannot tell a lie
  • they are very, very good at making you think they are saying one thing, when they mean another, but they cannot lie
  • they can do the damnedest thing with the truth, but they cannot lie
  • a conversation with someone who can't lie is the questions they don't answer

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • goblins are a part of that ancient bargain18
  • if the powers that be hear us lie, a terrible and mortal fate comes to us, as to all fae18
  • those greater in power may fight off their fate for a time, but for the lesser fae, like goblins, we die the moment a lie, knowingly spoken, leaves our lips18

Mercy Thompson Series #12: Smoke Bitten

  • fae are creatures whose lives are bound by rules282
  • that they cannot lie being the core rule all of them must follow282
  • important thing to remember about the rules is that they constrain all of the fae; but only the fae282
  • the fae can lie—they just suffer a horrible fate if they do282
  • that may be the rule; if a fae lies they will suffer a horrible fate282

Fae Laws

  • laws are clear on how to deal with mortals who stray Underhill and see more than they ought


Mercy Thompson Series #5: Silver Borne
Traditional Structure of a Fae Bargain
Bargain is Requested
Bargain is Struck
Bargain is Accepted
Bargain is Done

  • it is humans who betray their bargains
  • accepted and sealed the bargain in blood
  • can be a contest; usually musical; a true bargain
  • different bargains; stories of footraces, swimming contests, eating contests
  • fairy bargains that left you ruing the day you made them
  • cannot break the heart of the bargain; it must be something that is possible, however unlikely—for the challenger to accomplish
  • can be struck with other supernatural creatures; River Devil

Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken

  • have to bargain hard and fast—and be diplomatic

Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched

  • fae are very particular about their bargains67
  • grandstanding is a very bad way to make bargains149
  • few fae who can bargain for the fae as a whole166
  • even if you bargain, you might not be safe171
  • bargaining room; you won't know what you have until you talk to them173
  • there is magic in bargaining with the fae that has nothing to do with what they had the power to do or not do218
  • that's why so many of the fae are willing to strike odd bargains—they can gain power from it218
  • a bargain can be sealed in blood220
  • receiving an item in fulfillment of our bargain324
  • ways to void a bargain325

Mercy Thompson Series #10: Silence Fallen

  • wolves are not fae to hold to bargains they view as forced24

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • a fae had betrayed a bargain she had made with Bran; she lied to him; paid for those lies21

Mercy Thompson Series #12: Smoke Bitten

Thomas Hao Father bargained with Master Vampire Butte Ariana Brewster bargained with Daphne Rondo
River Devil bargained to exchange Mercy for a child
Zee Adelbertsmiter bargained his safety for his son
Alistair Beauclaire bargained for the Walking Stick
Gray Lords bargained with Adam and Mercy to maintain neutrality in the Tri-Cities

Fae Guesting Laws

Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound

  • if claimed as a guest, the fae couldn't do anything bad to you without challenging the host

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • anyone who is offended by a guest must go through the host first

Mercy Thompson Series #5: Silver Borne

  • half-blood is not human enough to be saved by the guesting laws of the Elphame

Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched

  • guesting laws; a person who asks for shelter will get twenty-four hours if he makes no move to harm76
  • he will get food, drink, and a bed76
  • protection from his enemies; safety76

Fae Policing

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • fae do their own internal policing
  • Gray Lords own several law firms on the East Coast
  • fae who are suspected of crimes tend not to survive to need lawyers
  • imprisoning a fae is…impractical
  • it's damned difficult; holding a person is hard enough; holding a fae for any time at all, if he doesn't want to be held, is near impossible
  • a life sentence is highly impractical when fae can live for hundreds of years
  • if you imprison fae, for whatever reason, you'd better be dead when he gets out or you'll wish you were
  • human justice just isn't equipped to deal with the fae, so they take care of it
  • a fae who commits a serious crime—like murder—is simply executed on the spot

Fae Magic

Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound

  • sharp astringent scent

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • if you use a fairy gift more than you have permission for, there are consequences
  • elf-salve

Fae Glamour

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