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Walker Concepts & Abilities

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  • that's what a walker does; walks between here and there, between human and animal Chat 2008-07-27
  • I see walker as being a thing you are or you are not Chat 2008-01-06
  • Mercy is not the only walker left; walkers, like coyotes, are very good at blending in Chat 2007-05-20
  • I can tell you that not all walkers are coyotes and there are some that turn into other kinds of animals Chat 2007-06-24
  • walkers, like werewolves, just are; they don't really require training Chat 2007-08-25
  • Bran knows all about walkers; he chooses what he tells Chat 2007-05-20
  • walkers can track vampires through ghost signatures; vampires mostly don't even see the ghosts and they can't do anything to drive them away Chat 2007-06-24

Mercy Thompson Series

Moon Called

Mercy Thompson Series #1: Moon Called

  • a walker is no real match for a werewolf
  • a shift is quick and painless; pure magic
  • born this way, not made like some other supernaturals
  • do very well in the dark

Blood Bound

Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound

  • all Mercy knew about being a walker is what the werewolves could tell her, which wasn't much

Iron Kissed

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • not many people still remember what a walker is
  • bringing a walker to a fae reservation might not have been as good an idea as you thought
  • a walker; there aren't many of the native preternatural species left—so you belong nowhere
  • walkers are rare; if there are other walkers around Mercy hasn't met one yet

Bone Crossed

Mercy Thompson Series #4: Bone Crossed

  • among the werewolves, the knowledge of the walker, the coyote shapeshifter, who'd been raised by Bran, was well known
  • suspected that controlling ghosts came with practice

Silver Borne

River Marked

Mercy Thompson Series #6: River Marked

  • Mercy can shift into a coyote whenever she wants to
  • “avatar” is more accurate than “walker”
  • Mercy only knew what she knew about walkers from what Bran told her; and he hadn't known much—or he'd told her exactly as much as he intended to
  • Mercy met two more walkers; hawks
  • not all walkers are alike
  • Mercy is immune to the mark of the River Devil because Coyote killed it the first time
  • aren't any more Thunderbird walkers; certain that he would never return with no one to anchor him

Frost Burned

Mercy Thompson Series #7: Frost Burned

  • a walker is the name given to those who are descendants of Coyote, Raven, Hawk, or any of the other archetypes who once walked the land
  • a witch is different from walker; more powerful
  • too many walkers had died before they could pass on their knowledge to their heirs, and much of it was lost

Night Broken

Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken

  • Hank Owens was Mercy's information source for most of what she knew about being a walker32
  • most of the coyote walkers have trouble with the law80
  • Gary Laughingdog was the first ever coyote walker that Mercy met85
  • all walkers are descended from the archetypal being whos shape they take85
  • usually brother and sister walkers are con artists, thieves, and gamblers; not too concerned with saving anyone's hide except their own88
  • had met a few other walkers through the Owens', and they seemed to come in all varieties of young and old89
  • most walkers age like humans—most are mostly human; Coyote doesn't walk this ground much anymore89
  • most of Coyote's children don't have to worry about a long life anyway; a fool and his life are soon parted89
  • Mercy felt no regret if there was no choice in killing someone; maybe it was being a walker or maybe being a predator158

Fire Touched

Silence Fallen

Mercy Thompson Series #10: Silence Fallen

  • death walker: one who has power over the dead339
  • the dead obeyed Mercy, no matter how much she tried to ignore that350

Storm Cursed

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • walkers are sensitive to magic
  • Mercy didn't know if she could recognize another walker; she hadn't met enough of them to be sure208
  • was able to recognize one later217

Smoke Bitten

Alpha & Omega Series

Wild Sign

Alpha & Omega Series #6: Wild Sign

  • walkers reflect some of the aspects of their parentage350

Walkers & The Undead

Walkers & Ghosts

Blood Bound

  • speak to ghosts

River Marked

  • thought all walkers could see the dead

Night Broken

  • other walkers that Mercy had met hadn't been able to see ghosts the way she could; it made sense that Gary could because he was a coyote shifter

Mercy & Ghosts

Walkers & Vampires

Blood Bound

  • not so vulnerable to their magic
  • only a threat for a couple of decades and that centuries ago
  • not popular among the vampires
  • when the vampires first came to this part of the New World, the walkers here had made themselves enough of a pest that the vampires had killed most of them off
  • most vampire magic doesn't work on them
  • has seen walkers ignore far more dangerous magics
  • supposed to be good at killing vampires
  • may have taught vampires to fear them, but there are still a lot of vampires, and only one walker
  • Andre was around when the walkers nearly drove the vampires out of the Western territories; shocked that Mercy found Cory Littleton so soon
  • the reason vampires feared walkers was that they were resistant to vampire magics and could talk to ghosts

Iron Kissed

  • not many walkers because the vampires killed them all
  • maybe James Blackwood wanted something from a walker; he despaired of ever finding another walker
  • the last walker he had died fifty years ago; was kept for six-three years
  • Blackwood's talent allows him to feed from a supernatural and absorb their abilities; he wants a walker so he can control the ghost of his maker

River Marked

  • aren't any more Thunderbird walkers; certain that he would never return with no one to anchor him

Frost Burned

  • vampires do not like walkers
  • they see ghosts and ghosts congregate around the daytime resting places of vampires, betraying the presence of the monster who killed them
  • almost entirely resistant to the standard magic of vampires
  • when vampires came to the New World, they were met by walkers and nearly destroyed; if disease and war had not decimated the Indians—and thus the walkers—there would be no vampires in the Americas
  • being resistant to vampire magic didn't mean a walker was a match for one
  • Marsilia knew a lot about walkers; she'd seen them kill vampires, lots of vampires
  • walkers are immune to vampire magic—even vampire magic that has its orgins in witchcraft

Night Broken

  • blood bound walker to a vampire; could be a tame walker270

Silence Fallen

  • the walkers, the children of the ancient ones, hunted down a lot of vampires in the American frontier during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; they ultimately failed, and the vampires exterminated most of the walkers22

Walkers & Zombies

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