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Mercy & Ghosts

Ghosts Seen By Mercy

Mercy Thompson Series

Moon Called

Blood Bound

Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound

  • “ability” to speak to ghosts
  • wasn't like she saw ghosts all the time
  • didn't know why seeing ghosts made her dangerous to vampires
  • can talk to ghosts that other people can't see
  • even if there were ghosts there was no guarantee that Mercy could see them or figure out they were ghosts; some of the dead appeared as they had in life
  • ghosts brushed up against her, pushing her onward as if they knew what she was doing and determined to help

Iron Kissed

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • wasn't sure if Zee and Uncle Mike knew about her seeing ghosts; never tried to hide it
  • for a long time Mercy hadn't realized it wasn't something everyone could do
  • can find vampires because the victims of traumatic deaths tend to linger as ghosts and vampires have plenty of traumatized victims
  • as some ghosts do they grow clearer in bits and pieces as Mercy focused on them
  • got caught once talking to a ghost without realizing that's what he was until her mother asked who she was talking too
  • interacted with a rancher ghost where she grew up but never able to converse with him
  • Uncle Mike finds out she can see ghosts
  • has never run into a ghost in her home

Bone Crossed

Mercy Thompson Series #4: Bone Crossed

  • after drinking too much told her friends in college during a day trip that she could see a ghost
  • can sense ghosts that other people don't see
  • never told her mom that she could see ghosts
  • not an expert at laying ghosts; seeing them was a long way from sending them away
  • Sometimes ghosts only appear to one sense or another. Sometimes she can only hear them—sometimes she can smell them
  • wasn't going to abandon Chad to the ghost; had no idea how to get rid of it; maybe help him live with it instead
  • had never been hurt by a ghost
  • Banishing ghosts was not something she'd ever tried, and everything she read about it over the years (not much) seemed to indicate that doing it wrong was worse than not doing it at all
  • doesn't know how to get a ghost to leave someone alone
  • hated it when ghosts snuck up on me
  • Blackwood used ghosts to watch Mercy and spy on her
  • Walker Magic; to make the ghost stop something; It wasn’t the magic the fae used, or the witches, but it was magic. I could smell it
  • The ability to do just what I had been doing—controlling a ghost
  • has seen at funerals or in the house of someone who's just passed away; ghosts acting differently…more than remnants of the people they'd been; Mercy can see the difference and always thought those are their souls

Silver Borne

River Marked

Mercy Thompson Series #6: River Marked

  • can sense ghosts that other people can't
  • most of the ghosts she's seen have all been human
  • had never seen her father's ghost before; ghost might be the ghost of her father but he wasn't her father
  • the sight of a ghost who looked like her father made her feel raw
  • can usually tell if someone is a ghost
  • saw ghosts all the time; forgot how seldom other people could perceive them
  • never actually seen a ghost in a graveyard
  • about Faith; never dealt with a ghost quite this coherent before. Usually, they don’t even notice me. The few that do don’t really seem to be aware that they are dead

Frost Burned

Mercy Thompson Series #7: Frost Burned

  • didn't usually tell Adam when she saw ghosts
  • she explained to him the most ghosts were only sad memories and that the ones that were closer to alive were often better off if they didn't know she could perceive them201
  • has seen the ghost in Zee's house several times; thought it was a repeater202
  • when under the influence of Peace&Quiet the ghost tried to hitch a ride; cling to Mercy; but the wards in Zee's house stopped it from following her202
  • attempted to take over Mercy's body but only had one chance to do it
  • for a long time Mercy thought the only thing she could do with ghosts was observe them
  • was able to call on the part of her that could see ghosts and force their obedience to save Peter's ghost from obeying Frost278
  • ghosts didn't look at her or respond to pack bonds; interference from Frost280
  • coyote able to feel their presence; a prickle down her spine and a tingle on the tip of her nose
  • was able to use her lamb necklace as articles of magic to free the ghosts from Frost's control

Night Broken

Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken

  • other walkers she's met hadn't been able to see ghosts the way she could; but Gary Laughingdog could87
  • Tony Montenegro didn't know that she could see ghosts116

Fire Touched

Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched

  • if she stared at ghosts for very long, even just repeaters, they tended to start following her around230
  • the most ghosts she's been around, she's been around a lot of them - haunt places where people might be found; churches, homes, stores313
  • saw the ghosts of Aiden's playmates in Underhill; tucked into hollows under trees and hiding under branches313
  • one of them started following them when Aiden started talking about them; thought it was worrisome313

Silence Fallen

Mercy Thompson Series #10: Silence Fallen

  • has an affinity for ghosts; something she inherited from her father92
  • sees them when other people doesn't92
  • used to think she knew a lot about ghosts but started to believe that no one did92
  • generally tried not to pay attention to ghosts because it made them pay attention back92
  • ghosts generally could understand her no matter what language she spoke93
  • she'd never seen a ghost hold as much magic as the ghost of the Golem of Prague92
  • when she started to talk to dead things, other ghosts seemed to sense it105
  • had a violent encounter with a ghost and spent days with ghosts following her105
  • ghosts are mostly bits and pieces of people, of emotions, left behind so it was like being followed by zombies; they want her to do something for them, but there isn't enough of them left to communicate exactly what that is105
  • the golem powered up Mercy's ghost-attraction circuit to stun and lit her up like a target for any ghost in the area105
  • her safe corner next to the river had been invaded all night by ghosts105
  • tries not to pay attention to ghosts; there's no good to be had from it142
  • stronger spirits communicated so forcefully to her that she heard them without any distortion; as if death granted them a universal language, a quick conduit to her brain without any language at all142
  • she found it really disturbing when they did that142
  • didn't know why some ghosts stayed fresh and strong while others faded; sometimes it was because the living paid too much attention to the dead142
  • she'd seen souls tied to her ghosts once, and she's never again make the mistake of thinking of a normal ghost as a real person142
  • she was coming to believe that ghosts were something that could think and plan and do; not living precisely, but not inert142
  • that belief went against everything she'd ever heard about ghosts - she interacts with them more than most people143
  • she doesn't talk to ghosts she sees; no good comes of it143
  • doesn't talk about ghosts; doesn't describe; doesn't name them; and doesn't look at them if she can help it143
  • golem boosted her power over ghosts; when Mercy spoke Danek's name he was solid as any person she'd ever seen, and could smell him145
  • ghosts are not really the people who died146
  • it isn't smart to pay too much attention to the dead; especially not smart for Mercy to pay too much attention to the dead150
  • residual effect of meeting the golem that left Mercy a magnet for the ghosts of Prague151
  • she tries not to give orders to the dead unless it's important because they can't refuse her; not if she focuses her will strongly enough151
  • golem's presence amped up Mercy's attraction for ghosts to maximum; she'd been swimming in ghosts227
  • ghost cooperation is one thing; enslavement is another233
  • Mercy had forced ghosts to obey her233
  • they weren't the humans that birthed them; she was increasingly uncomfortable with the assumption that that meant they weren't alive anymore233
  • that meant that other than for her own defense or in defense of someone else, she could not bind them to her will anymore233
  • if her whisper could influence a vampire as strongly as it had, no ghost had a chance of resisting her233
  • reached for ghosts and called them to her with the help of the golem; it was a horrible thing to do; the only thing more horrible would be to take everything from those who had only a little existence left and have it not be enough235
  • called ghosts to her and made them an offer; asked them to sacrifice themselves238
  • her experience that ghosts are not affected by sunlight346

Storm Cursed

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • she saw ghosts which she's always dismissed as mostly useless; over the last few years she's been learning that she could do a little more58
  • Mercy had been seeing ghosts for as long as she could remember; she was kind of used to her interaction with them59
  • becoming sensitive to zombies as well59
  • she could tell when there was a ghost around even if she might not be able to see it; same for zombies59
  • as the cat; it's senses where different from her coyote and human ones; he could see the ghosts better221

Smoke Bitten

Mercy Thompson Series #12: Smoke Bitten

  • seeing ghosts was the other thing she did besides turn into a coyote27
  • by paying attention to a ghost she made her more real, gave her power27
  • hesitated a lot more when she said “it” around ghosts than she used to27
  • no longer convinced that all ghosts were nothing more than the shed remnants of the people they had been; what exactly they were she wasn't sure but she was doubtful that anyone else knew either27
  • ghosts sometimes interacted with Mercy as if they were the person whose shade they were; but only sometimes28
  • sometimes they were locked into a particular moment, or sequence of moments28
  • how she treats ghosts; if she didn't pay attention to them, maybe they'd go away69

Mercyverse Short Fiction


Mercyverse Short Fiction: Hollow

  • Mercy doesn't hunt ghosts; the only time she tried she'd ended up with bodies404
  • when she was a kid she would scream at a lot of ghosts to “go away” to not much effect410
  • a ghost following a person around for fourteen years is not something Mercy has ever seen a ghost do; not that it wasn't possible, just that she'd never seen it411
  • never tried exorcising a ghost411
  • this ghost thing is not her chosen profession415
  • borrowed Adam's authority and used that part of her that was Coyote, the part that allowed her to see ghosts when no one else could434
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