Hopcross Jilly Graphic Novel Released

By: MikeJuly 2, 2015

For the past several years Patty has occasionally dabbled with comics and graphic novels. It's a chance to learn about a world quite different from book publishing, and work with some very cool and extremely creative people. We've learned quite a bit about the world of graphic novels (though we're far from experts), and like G.I. Joe used to say, “knowing is half the battle”.

We've done two adaptations of Patty's novels into comic form. While we're pretty happy with the results, they're not perfect. For one thing, they're just a re-telling of a story many have already read. There's not a lot of money in retelling a story, so the production schedule and artist budget are correspondingly limited. Most importantly, though, the stories weren't conceived for a visual medium. A graphic novel is fundmentally different than a text-only story. Trying to take a novel and shove it into a comic format is challenging, the round peg doesn't want to fit neatly in the square hole. In other news, water is wet and politicians lie.

With Hopcross Jilly, Patty got a chance to write a story from the ground up designed for strong visuals. She was paired with an excellent script writer and an amazing artist. The results are, in my opinion, very good indeed. The story was originally released as a series of comic books (and I've had terrible luck telling people where to find comic books and when various issues will be available). Fortunately, it has just been published as a hardcover graphic novel, which should be available wherever you normally buy your books! If you like graphic novels, I think you'll enjoy this one.

For some additional information, let me refer you to the Is It Good? review.