Hurog Means Dragon

By: MikeJuly 16, 2015

Although the Mercy Thompson series is by far Patty's most popular work, I still have a real soft spot for the Hurog books. Hurog has found its way into our lives ever since the books were written. Our business is Hurog Inc. the website is, and Ann christened our farm Hurog. We like it. There are dragons hidden in the stained-glass windows, a pair of old Chinese temple dragons on the back porch, a plush dragon on the mantle, and dragon art on the walls. There are indeed dragons at Hurog.

A few years ago we had the first Hurog Howl -- a campout with an open invitation to Patty's readers to come and join us. It was loads of fun, and we had a grand time getting to know everyone who showed up. This year, we're doing it again. We'll head out to the campground near Mary's Hill, and see who's brave enough to swim in the river from River Marked. We'll visit the Stonehenge, the museum and hopefully the petroglyphs. It's shaping up to be a wonderful event, but something was missing . . . something shaped like a dragon.

OK, time for a little confession. To nobody's surprise, I never grew up completely. Anybody building a carousel in their side yard can't claim to be practical and adult. I also like kites. We don't do much of it any more, but I used to fly kites in the park every chance I got. I usually took a few extra to give away to youngsters who wanted to fly. Those were some very good times …

Ahem. Where was I? Oh, yes, the campout. We needed a way to mark our campground. Something distinctive. There's a company in New Zealand that makes wonderful kites, absolutely beautiful creations. We decided to order a dragon kite from them. We showed the drawings to Ann, who immediately declared that it needed to be purple. I wrote a few letters, and a couple of months ago we ordered a kite. It arrived several weeks ago, but we were always busy, or the weather wasn't right or something came up. Today, we got the chance to go fly it for the first time.

Here's a peek at the official Hurog dragon we'll be taking to the Hurog Howl next month. We think he's awesome!

Patty and Ann tempting the dragon . . .
Handsome Dragon, Wicked Teeth.

If you come to the howl, you too can become an official dragon-wrangler!