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From Chat Transcripts: wolves don't leave their mates lightlyChat 2007-05-20 marriage is a convenience from the wolves' standpointChat 2007-06-24 there is a connection between a wolf and his mate similar to, but more intimate than the connection between a wolf and his pack. If the mate is a wolf, generally the bond is stronger what means for a mated pair is individual to each pairingChat 2008-05-02

From Cry Wolf: love isn't necessary for the mating bond–acceptance was, trust wasCW-293 it takes more than attraction to seal a couple together as a mated pair; they must make love and there's a formal ceremony under the full moon that cements their bonds – a weddingCW-106 without those anyone wolf can make a play for one of the pair without retaliationCW-106 love and sex would bind human to human–then the wolf would choose, or notCW-118 Charles and Anna have a bond that happened backwards; his wolf chose her wolf and left them to followCW-112

From Silver Borne: in werewolf terms, it means something slightly different for every mated pairSB-13 some mated pairs can barely perceive the difference…and some virtually become the same personSB-13 different from a pack bond–softer, stronger, and deeperSB-324

From River Marked: is a lot more permanent than marriageRM-49 usually, if you find your mate, he's not going to be someone you need to divorceRM-49 abuse is almost not possible when two people are connected by a mating bond; it gives you insight into your mate that allows you to avoid the nastier fights that snowball into cold distanceRM-49 the mating bond is pack magicRM-49


Pack magic, I’d learned, was real. And if enough of the pack wanted you to do something, it was difficult not to do it.

Joining a Pack

wolves are added into a pack by passing blood and flesh to a new member from the AlphaBC-69 walkers are able to join werewolf packsBC-69 traditionally packs are informed and introduced to those who intend to become membersBC-71 the Marrok will interfere with an Alpha's decisions if someone is being harmed by itBC-105

“Look me in the eyes with no offense taken or meant, Zachary Edwin Drummond.” Zack raised his chin and met Adam’s gaze. “I see you, Adam Alexander Hauptman, Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack.” “Will you join with us, to hunt, to fight, to live and run?” “Under the moon,” Zack said. “I will hunt, fight, live and run with you and yours who shall be mine.” “We claim you,” Darryl said, and pulled out a pocketknife and opened it one-handed. “We claim you,” I said when Adam glanced at me. “I claim you,” said Adam, and he took Darryl’s knife and cut a chunk of meat the size of the tip of my little finger off his forearm with practiced ease. “Alpha’s flesh and blood you shall be.” He offered the bloody bit to Zack, who ate it off his fingers. Blood welled up from the wound on Adam’s arm. Four fat drops fell to the carpet, and then the gouge scabbed over. In less than an hour, there would be no sign of the wound at all. A simple cut would have healed even faster. “From this day forward,” Adam said. “Mine to me and mine. Pack.” “Yours to you, mine to me,” answered Zack. The smoothness of his answer told me how often he’d done this. Magic sizzled and zipped between us, burning in my chest as if someone had set a match there. But I shared that power with the whole pack, who received Zack along with me. Zack got the whole of his end, and he cried out and wrapped his arms around his chest and sank down on the bedspread. It would have taken more than a jolt of pack magic to make me touch that bedspread. Darryl was made of sterner stuff. He sat down beside Zack and wrapped one of his long arms around the other man’s shoulders. “Breathe through it,” he advised. “I know it burns like freaking nitrous. But it will be over before you know it.” “Better joining than leaving,” said Zack in a tight voice. But the worst was over, and his muscles started to relax. Until he noticed that Darryl was holding him.

Mechanics of the Pack Bond

as a member of a pack, one is all but immune to enthrallment from outside sourcesSB-322 pack bonds are not built to subdue indivduality to the Alpha or enforce behavior of any kindSB-322 a pack needs all its differences and they find strength in thatSB-322

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