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Moira Keller


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Name: Wendy Moira Angela Keller

AKA: Moira

Appearances & Mentions:

Alpha&Omega 2: Hunting Ground Alpha&Omega 4: Dead Heat

Short Story: Seeing Eye

Gender: Female

Classification: Witch See Witchcraft

Classification Description: [Type] White Witch [Family Line] Keller [Coven] Unaffliated

Witch Powers: not even a werewolf could get through her portal if she didn’t want him toSe- her dreams are sometimes portentsSe- She had only a touch of empathy, and it came and wentSe- is no longer a finderSe-14 sacrifice is good for power; it works best if you can make the sacrifice your own; she removed her right eye to power a spellSe-15 Closing her senses to the outside world, she reached into her well of power and drew out a bucketful and threw it out in a circle around her as she called to the essence that was Molly. She hadn’t done this spell since she could see out of both eyes—but there was no reason she couldn’t do it now. Once learned, spells came to her hand like trained spaniels, and this one was no exceptionSe- She held out her right hand, her left being otherwise occupied with the workings of her spellSe- Sympathetic magic—which used the connections between like things—was one of those affinities that ran through her father’s bloodlines into heSe- is able to use Tom to seeSe-23 she could picture the boat in her head. That hadn’t been the way the spell was supposed to work. It was more of a “hot and cold” spell, but she could still see the boat in her mind’s eye; Nothing had really changed, except that she’d used someone without askingSe- can create fireSe- look-past-me spellSe-34 can shield herself from spells; has protections, defensesSe- can shield from sightHG-103 can make vampires believe they are in the sunHG-119

Age: @30 yo during the events of Seeing Eye

Father: See Lin Keller (X)

Mother: Unknown Died a long time agoSe-14

Siblings: [Sister] See Molly Keller (X)

Children: No

Significant Other: [Mate] See Tom Franklin

Residence: Seattle, Washington Her apartment was decorated with a minimum of furniture and a mishmash of colors that didn’t quite fit togetherSe- probably sealed with hocus-pocusSe-

Occupation: Witch for hire | Works aloneSe-

Employers: Shop | Self-employed Witch on Retainer | See Emerald City Pack

Physical Description: is blind five foot nothing rich curves in all the right places feathery black hairSe-09 smells like fresh flowers and mintSe-10 no piercings and tattoosSe-10 her left eye was Swamp Thing-green without pupil or whiteSe-15; withered like a raisin, a sickly yellowish white raisinHG-103;stained white and shriveled, as if something had sucked it dryHG-120 her right eye was gone; scarred beyond belief, as if someone had ripped it out with a clawed handHG-103

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages: the problem with her business. Too many people thought they could approach her at any timeSe- her hours of business were posted clearly on her door and on her Web site; eight in the morning and seven at nightSe- Kept steady business hoursSe- she didn’t advertise, and thus seldom had mundane customers unless their needs disturbed her sleep and she set out one of her “find me” spells to speak to them—she knew when they were comingSe- She took care of the people in her neighborhood; that was her jobSe- The police she saw as brothers-in-arms. If she could help one, it was her duty to do so. Even if it meant her life for hisSe- falling into the comfortable patter she adopted with most of her clientsSe- she's never heard of a white witch who can do the things that she canHG-121 one woman demolition crewHG-125

Spirituality & Personality: she hated bad dreams; Bad dreams that held warnings of things to come were the worstSe- They came to see Glinda the Good Witch, but after midnight, they found the Wicked Witch of the West and left quaking in fear of flying monkeysSe- has moxieSe- The sight was one of those general terms that told Moira precisely nothing. It could mean anything from a little fae blood in the family tree or full-blown witchbloodSe- It just seemed courteous: allies should show each other courtesySe- She hadn’t so much as dated in . . . well, a long timeSe- irritation at being woken upSe- ‘and it harm none’ seems like a good way to live to meSe- her anger; tasted like a werewolf’s rage, wild and bitingSe- she had a smile like that in her. Bright and cheerful and sudden. KnowingSe- sometimes she hated being blindSe- opinionatedHG-103 her glasses; shields and the odd shape they sometimes tookHG-

Talents & Skills: She was an expert in sacrificeSe- she was powerfulSe- Somewhere she’d learned to discipline her emotionsSe- Cops are easy to spot—suspicious is your middle nameSe- The oddity of seeing anything . . . She craved it too much, and it made her wary because she didn’t know how it workedSe- In her own apartment, redolent with her magic, she was never so helplessSe- clever fingersHG-

Health & Fitness: slept—or tried to sleep—the same hours as most peopleSe- her right eye looked like it had been removed by someone who wasn't too good with a knife; it was horribleSe-15 her left eye was blinded by KourosSe-16 gets headaches when she overuses magicSe-24 was blinded when she was thirteen years oldSe-36 doesn't have a guide dog; Small apartments aren’t a good place for big dogs; It’s not fair to the dogSe- smelled clean and pureHG- blind, not sensory deprivedHG-

Quirks: hates Peter Pan the play, and all the moviesSe-17 could never remember which way the light switch workedSe- She always left her coffeepot primed for mornings, so all she had to do was push the button and it began gurgling in promise of coffee soonSe- She drank coffee blackSe- for obvious reasons, she didn’t driveSe- She hated boating; rocking motion disrupted her sense of direction, the engine’s roar obscured softer sounds, and the scent of the ocean covered the subtler scents she used to negotiate everyday lifeSe- wears wraparound sunglassesHG-93 likes to shop; for a blind woman she was a heck of a shopperHG-97 Moira won’t carry a cellphoneHG-


With Tom: was willing to blackmail her to get her to help him find his brotherSe- she's not afraid of him; Tom scared everyone—and he had even before their pack had a run-in with a bunch of fae a few years agoSe- He stalked her, and all she’d felt was a flash of sexual awareness that came and went so swiftly, he might have missed it if he’d been youngerSe- she tucked her arm in his, but he didn’t object. At least he didn’t jump away from her and say “ick,” like the last person who’d seen what she’d done to herselfSe- guided her as if he’d done it before, unobtrusively but clearly, as if they were waltzing instead of walking down the streetSe- She’d taken something from him by using him that way . . . broken the trust he’d felt building between them. He needed to reestablish what he could expect out of herSe- I’m not bringing you to his lair so he can dine upon werewolf, too. I am here because some jerk made me feel sorry for him. I am here because I want both him and his brother out of my hair and safely out of the hands of my rat-bastard father so I won’t have their deaths on my conscience, tooSe- he's her Seeing Eye wolfSe- Which means when I touch you, I can see magic through your eyes . . . with practice, I might even be able just to see. It means that you can feed my magic with your skinSe- he's acting like her familiar; if she had a familiarSe- Disoriented and vulnerable, she was afraid of him for the first timeSe- intending to spread her own defenses to the wolf; odd effect on her magic; allows her to seeSe- she likes to flirt with her mateHG- Tom was always in the right place to put his arm out to guide her and murmur low-voiced warnings as they dodged around other shoppers and across the uneven floorHG- Moira should keep him calm enough that he’s safe to be around; changing and injuredHG- she's been around Tom when he changed beforeHG- if he yells at me; If it gets to you, just shed a few tears,” muttered Tom. “He’ll shut up. Works for MoiraHG-

With Her Family: her mom is the only one who called her WendySe-14 Molly is afraid of herSe- her father thinks she's judgmentalSe- her father tried to kill her; she didn’t feel too bad when she tied Molly’s essence, through the gum she still held, into her shield. When the coven’s magic hit the shield, it was Molly who took the damage. Who diedSe- He’d used all his magic to power his spell—he’d left himself defenseless. And now he was afraid of herSe- Because he was too worried about me being ‘overwhelmed’ himself”—she nudged Tom with her shoulder—“by all the überwolves. Not being handicapped by overprotective, studly impulsesHG-

With Anna: she and Tom took Anna out shopping in downtown SeattleHG- Moira took Anna to her favorite shoe placeHG- thought that Moira might have some insights for Samuel. I thought it only fair to call and warn her that I’ve sent him after her; regarding Anna having childrenDH-

With Charles: wraparound sunglasses she wore made her expression difficult to read, but his nose told him that meeting the Marrok’s hatchet man wasn’t scaring her. Unusual, but then she couldn’t see him eitherHG- I don’t know Moira,” said Charles to the wolf who was Tom, since he understood his reaction the best. “I did know that I’ve never heard of a white witch who could do what she did. And if a black witch is masquerading as a white witch . . . first, the deception implies she is one of the enemy. And second”—he gave the wolf a small smile— “I’ve never encountered a witch who could hide her nature from me.”HG- Moira thinks Charles is being rudeHG- helped delay the death curse that Dana placed on CharlesHG- she's never run across magic like his beforeHG-

With The Wolves: Alan Choo gave me your address, said you were the only one he knew with enough moxie to defy themSe- knows of the Marrok; He-Who-Ruled-the-Wolves, began Changing people with more care than had been the usual custom; Surviving the Change—even with the safeguards the Marrok could manage—was still, she understood, nowhere near a certaintySe- Alan was right: she needed to get out more; dateSe- thinks Arthur is a stuck-up BritHG- Moira went with Bran and Tom to make sure Amethyst was free of the fae's magic and remove the demon possessing IrisDH-

With The Witches: Samhain’s master had approached Moira about joining them when she was thirteenSe- She’d refused and made her refusal stick at some cost to all the parties involvedSe- thinks Kouros is arrogant and crazySe- He likes money, and there is at least one herbalist among his followers who could manufacture some really odd stuffSe- Kouros did the other one first. That’s why I’m willing to take them on. I’ve done it before and survived—and I still owe them a fewSe- If they found her, it would unnerve them. They knew she worked aloneSe- Tom and Moira were nearly killed by a black witch a few weeks ago them, though he could tell she was still miffed with him. “It’s left us a little skittishHG- Carnwennen was King Arthur’s dagger. Little White Hilt, it means. Arthur used it to hunt the Very Black Witch; He supposedly cut the witch in half with itHG-

With The Vampires: the local vampires walked softly around them, and Seattle, with its overcast skies, had a relatively large seethe of vampiresSe- of the mercenaries; run into the witch like a linebacker, knocking her down, off the curb and into the street; HannahHG- the vampires discounted herHG-

With The Fae: Never trust the faeHG- knows the various MorriganHG-

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