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Missoula Seethe | Dismantled

Details are updated as of the most recent Mercyverse published work


Unappreciated Gifts

  • dismantled with the death of the vampire
  • Missoula, a city free from vampires; only four hours from Aspen Creek Pack269
  • not a true Seethe but a Master vampire and his servant
  • had only been living in Missoula for less than a year287

Location & Relocation

Missoula, Montana

Lair Description

Miscellaneous Notes

Unappreciated Gifts

  • Missoula too small and too close to Marrok Pack to be good hunting grounds280

Appearances & Mentions


Listed in alphabetical order after the seethe leader.

Approximate Size

Unappreciated Gifts

  • one vampire286
  • this vampire a creature of subtlety; lived in the shadows, away from his own kind286

Seethe Leader & Dominant Master Vampires

Seethe Leader
Name Notes
Bruce Master
Dominant Master Vampires
Name Notes

Active Seethe Vampires

Active Seethe Vampires
Name Notes


To Seethe
Name Previous Seethe Notes Source
Away From Seethe
Name New Seethe Notes Source

Deceased Seethe Vampires

Both recent and historical mentions of seethe member death.

Deceased Seethe Vampires
Name Notes Source
Bruce Killed by Asil Moreno Unappreciated Gifts
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