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Mercyverse Worldbuilding

Articles of Magic

This is a combined list of all articles of magic that have been used in the Mercyverse across classifications.

Magic Spells & Spell Books

This is a combined list of all of the spell books and magic spells and that have been used in the Mercyverse across classifications.

Characters & Classifications

The Mercyverse is filled with a vast array of non-powered and superpowered beings. Explore these various classifications that expand into more highly detailed sections that break down different elements and introduce individual characters and concepts from all the novels and short fiction.

The Fae

The Fae are secretive and highly stratified characters, they like to hide their true power. As ageless near immortal characters they have a long history.

Indigenous Peoples & Supernaturals Of Nature

Indigenous peoples and Native Americans both supernaturnal and mundane. Includes Elemental natural classifications. Indigenous Peoples & Supernaturals Of Nature

Magic Practitioners

Mundane Humans

Identified Mundane Humans is used in the sense of an ordinary person without any type of supernatural gift. Every mundane human in the Mercyverse has been added to the list but due to the quantity of character minor characters haven't been added to the table of contents.

Supernatural Other

All other classifications that don't fit into the main ones will be found in Supernatural Other

Vampires & Sheep

Walkers & Archetypes


Ghosts are a Supernatural Other classification but because they feature heavily in the Mercyverse walker story they have an expanded section that delves more in-depth to their types and characteristics.


This section breaks down the various characteristics of werewolf etc etc

Family Trees & Genealogy

Check out the Mercyverse family trees to get a snapshot of who's related to who.


Blueprints & Maps

Mercyverse Businesses

Mercyverse Residences



Government Agencies

In this section you can find a snapshot of alphabet agencies and supernatural legislation government and law enforcement

Supernatural Legislation

Supernatural Hate Groups

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