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Margi nee Thompson


Bone Crossed

  • Margaret38

River Marked

  • Marjorie Thompson197
  • Marji197

Physical Description

Bone Crossed

  • Margi is five-foot-nothing. She’s only seventeen years older than Mercy, which means she’s not yet fifty and looks thirty9
  • She’s usually blond—Mercy is pretty sure it’s her natural color—but the shade changes from year to year. This year it was strawberry gold9
  • Her eyes are big and blue and innocent-looking, her nose slightly tip-tilted, and her mouth full and round9
  • Dimples24


Appearances & Mentions



River Marked

  • Western European- mostly German and Irish in descent164




Family & Significant Other

Husband - Curt

Daughters - Mercy Thompson, Nan, Ruthie


Character Traits & Facts

Moon Called

  • President of her local PTA13
  • Was a rodeo groupie. She liked cowboys, any cowboys43

Bone Crossed

  • Has a gray four-year-old Volvo station wagon7
  • Owns a pink and black Glock12

River Marked

  • Like the fae, she doesn't lie. Just leads you where she wants you to go willy-nilly, all for your own good34

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Spirituality & Personality

Moon Called

  • Vivacious and cheerfully flaky13

Bone Crossed

  • Could cuddle her children like any of the best of parents, but she knew all about the importance of standing on your own two feet10

River Marked

  • Her competitive instincts overruled her motherly ones38

Talents & Skills

Moon Called

  • It's hard to keep secrets from her. She just smiles at people, and they tell her their life stories43

Health & Fitness


Bone Crossed

  • With strangers, she sometimes plays a dumb blonde, batting her eyelashes and speaking in a breathy voice that anyone who watched old movies would recognize from Some Like It Hot or Bus Stop9
  • Cute when she scowls10

Silver Borne

  • Had doves at her wedding26


With Mercy

Moon Called

  • Was seventeen when she had Mercy, and her parents tried to talk her into an abortion, but Margi would have none of it. Then they tried to get her to put Mercy up for adoption, but she was determined to raise Mercy herself-until she was three months old, and Margi found a coyote pup in her crib43
  • Came out every summer to visit44

Blood Bound

  • Only used Mercy's full name when she was angry with her50

Bone Crossed

  • Always worried that Mercy didn't have any friends23

Frost Burned

  • Taught Mercy to pin calves or goats when she was ten years old, and decided Mercy should follow her footsteps as a rodeo queen47

With the Wolves

Moon Called

  • The wolves didn't make it easy on her when she came to visit44

River Marked

  • Bran owes her a hundred dollars34
  • Bran had gotten her to do what he wanted her to more than she was happy about60

Fire Touched

  • Negotiated for visiting rights over Bran's objections216

With the Fae

Bone Crossed

  • My mom didn’t like Zee. She blamed him for Mercy's decision to stay in the Tri-Cities and fix cars instead of finding a teaching job, something much more in line with the kind of work she thought Mercy should be doing38
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