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Physical Description

Silence Fallen

  • Medium brown hair that was cut almost brutally short133
  • Clean-shaven, but he already had a shadow of a beard making itself felt this late in the afternoon133
  • Not so much tall as massive133
  • There was something more leonine than lupine about him. His features were of average attractiveness. He was neither beautiful nor ugly. It was a strong face and intelligent133
  • People would look at him and expect brutality and risk missing the intelligence altogether133


Appearances & Mentions

Mercy Thompson Series #10: Silence Fallen



Silence Fallen

  • Very old143
  • His wife's ghost was tied to him145
  • Alpha of the Vltava Pack247
  • Been around since the Middle Ages247



Family & Significant Other


Character Traits & Facts

Silence Fallen

  • Soft tenor voice with the seductively thick vowels that the Slavic languages are famous for133

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

Silence Fallen

  • Works as a baker247


Silence Fallen

  • Speaks English, Russian, and German249

Spirituality & Personality

Silence Fallen

  • One of those people who liked to tell others how the world worked and not listen to anyone who thought differently146
  • Slow to act when it is something outside of pack that is wrong. He doesn't view humans as people, much196

Talents & Skills

Health & Fitness


Silence Fallen

  • He smelled of werewolf, of butter and yeast and wheat and eggs. And a little of fruit filling133
  • A man of his word, but slippery as a Gray Lord249


Libor and Bran

Silence Fallen

  • Libor has a legendary grudge against Bran248
  • Bran coerced Zack into calling Libor to request that his father take good care of Mercy360
  • Being a submissive in Libor's pack is something Bran wouldn't wish on his worst enemy. Particularly if, as in Radim's case, he was Libor's son363
  • Bran kidnapped Zack from the Vltava pack363
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