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Joel Arocha


Physical Description

Night Broken

  • Mercy's age, but the sun had weathered his skin so he looked a little older. He was her size and weight, too75
  • All muscle and rawhide75


Joel Arocha Injuries & Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken
Type of Injury/Scar Notes
Scars on Arms and Leg100 Rehabilitated Rottweiler
Mercy Thompson Series #12: Smoke Bitten
Type of Injury/Scar Notes
Shot314 Fiona

Appearances & Mentions



Night Broken

  • Mostly, though, he looked like a large presa Canario, a dog only slightly less intimidating to most people than a werewolf, especially if the people weren’t familiar with werewolves. The pack was hoping that someday he’d get control of his change and be able to be mostly human instead of mostly dog7
  • Tibicena are tied to a mortal, a mortal who was descended from the land where Guayota's volcano had fertilized the soil the people ate from203
  • The other dog was Joel. If the woman’s binding magic was a robe, his were silk ties. They wrapped securely around him but did not envelop him completely. They weren’t part of him yet253
  • The dog’s body that encompassed him was poised on the deck, watching us, but silently. While the dog was motionless, Joel was not. He pulled and tugged at the bindings, peeling them back and leaving gaping wounds that bled behind. As soon as he cleared one place and started on another, the bindings grew back253
  • When it looks like a mortal creature, the mortal flesh encompasses the tibicena and may be killed as any mortal creature. When it is wrapped in the tibicena’s form, it cannot be harmed by mundane means253
  • Tibicenas could be killed, temporarily, if they caught them in dog form320
  • The tibicenas are faster than the walkers are325
  • The tibicena, like Guayota, was a creature of fire, of the volcano where it had been birthed328
  • Wounds glowed red, and something bubbled out for a moment, but it took two seconds for the holes to close328
  • huge and hairy328
  • the long, rocklike hairs that ruffed his neck rattled together332
  • Eyes that were a dark, sullen red that was more like garnets than rubies332
  • Stayed human for almost an hour340

Fire Touched

  • Black, but in the strong sunlight, has a brindle pattern7
  • As the tibicena, smelled like brimstone and had eyes that glowed in the dark7
  • Didn't have much control about what shape he wore22
  • Denser in tibicena form that a real animal could be25
  • His skin cracked and broke, revealing something that glowed fiercely even in the daylight25
  • Eyes were hot coals that glowed like those of a hellish demon out of a comic book25
  • Bigger than a werewolf, and left oily black marks on the ground wherever his feet touched26
  • Looked as though he’d been half formed out of burning charcoal29
  • Mercy didn’t know how much of Joel had stayed in charge when he took full tibicena form. Joel said it was hit-and-miss. So far, the tibicena had been friendly, more or less, to anyone in the pack39
  • Distinctive howl that was as much a weapon as the volcanic heat under his skin39
  • Lion-sized, half-formed and growing39
  • Joel was a foggy presence in the hunting party. His actions were clear, but everything else was murky and hot-rage coated. The rage was unfocused, but I could feel the fury of it building. He let out a roaring cough that sounded more like a lion’s hunting cry than anything canine, but he refrained from making the spine-chilling cry43
  • Joel looked a little different every time he took on the tibicena form. It was the subject of much discussion in the pack. Zack said he thought it might be because the tibicena is a creature of the volcano, and lava doesn’t have a hardened shape. That was Mercy's favorite explanation49
  • Fully formed and mostly solid, he looked a little like a foo lion, his muzzle broad and almost catlike, with a mane of dreadlocks that cracked and hissed as they moved, breaking the outer black shell and displaying liquid-orange-glowing lava that cooled rapidly to black again as some other part broke open49
  • Joel’s lips curled back, displaying black teeth and a red, red tongue. The fringe of stone mane around his neck rippled as he shook his broad head in open threat, and it made a clattering noise, almost like wind chimes61
  • No human could have touched Joel when he was running that hot without getting hurt63
  • Fire was only one of Joel’s weapons63
  • Hadn't been able to stay human for longer than an hour or two until Aiden drew out the fire90
  • This time the tibicena was build like a wolf rather than the foo dog of his last appearance. Upright ears topped a muzzle that was long and narrow. His body was finer-boned than a werewolf of his size would have been, more like a wolf's gracile and narrow form. His tail was covered with molten hair, and it curled a little259

Silence Fallen

  • Without Aiden to help Joel control the tibicena fire spirit he held, he was too likely to be a liability116



Smoke Bitten

  • Until Joel had better control of his fiery half, they would have to stay at pack central because Aiden was able to stop it when Joel's spirit decided to lose its cool119

Family & Significant Other

Wife - Lucia Arocha

Night Broken

  • “His mother never lets anyone forget it. She’s a proud woman, and she swears that not only were they Canarios, but her family actually was Guanche, descended from the original inhabitants of the islands before Spain conquered it about seven hundred years ago.” Lucia's smile broadened. “She talks about moving back there someday. I really hope that she does. We could vacation in the tropics and also see her less often. Win-win in my book.”201


Character Traits & Facts

Night Broken

  • his accent was Southwestern USA75
  • Dogs were his passion. He and his wife bred, showed and trained dogs98
  • As passionate in his desire to save dogs as the Marrok was to save his wolves100
  • From Texas200
  • A descendant of the Canary Islanders who settled in Texas201
  • Tough, thoughtful and big-hearted333

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

Night Broken

  • Worked in the vineyards, ten-hour days this time of year, with random days off. In the winter, he worked reduced hours and took other jobs to fill in75
  • Did some fill-in security jobs for Adam75

Spirituality & Personality

Night Broken

  • If his dogs were in trouble, Mercy would have to sit on him to keep him back206
  • Believes there are more good people out there than bad214
  • Joel is a good man. He would never have killed, have sacrificed those dogs of his, given any kind of choice. He’d have killed a person before he killed those dogs224
  • Tough, thoughtful, and big-hearted333

Fire Touched

  • Joel looked at me, a little affronted at her disregard of his scariness8
  • Joel wouldn’t survive if he killed a child62

Talents & Skills

Night Broken

  • Restoring a Thing, VW's version of a jeep75

Health & Fitness


Night Broken

  • Second dog-fighting outfit Joel has turned in since Christmas. If it were up to him, he’d shoot all those bastards, no trial, no nothing76


Joel and the Pack

Night Broken

  • Joel had done some work for Adam, and that was enough to make him Adam's responsibility223

Fire Touched

  • Even though he was a member of the pack. It was as if something in his magic fought to be seen26
  • The troll on the Cable Bridge; This was Joel’s first public appearance as a member of the pack29
  • Joel had been a little more successful, and the troll had quit letting the tibicena close with him. So they’d decided to force the troll into a confrontation with Joel, more to see exactly where the troll’s weaknesses were than because they expected Joel to be able to finish him off quickly43
  • He was pack; he knew he was valued, that he had purpose298
  • Mostly fit in the pack a lot better than Mercy298

Joel and Mercy

Night Broken

  • He liked to chat with Mercy while she worked; usually they talked cars75
  • Picks up parts for his old cars from Mercy75
  • “We claim you, Joel Arocha, son of Texas, son of the Canary Islands, guardian of four-footed cousins. By my flesh and blood that is the flesh and blood that belongs to the Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack is our bond sealed. From this day forward, you are mine to me and mine.”333

Joel and Lucia

Night Broken

  • He was up here visiting some cousins when we met. We moved to Texas first, but I got homesick, and we moved back to the Tri-Cities201

Joel and Guayota

Night Broken

  • Guayota is the spirit of a Canary Islands volcano and he needed a descendant of the Canary Islands to re-create the physical form of his tibicena. He sought Joel out because his family came from the Canaries, where Guayota originated203
  • He told Mercy that Guayota needs a connection to his home to function here. The dogs are that connection. Now that one of them is dead, he needs a replacement204
  • He’s taken Joel and is forcing him to become one of his tibicenas205
  • He was hunting his wife, and she wasn’t there. He responded like a territorial animal in a rage.” Rage at Guayota redirected at the things he loved most224

With His Dogs

Night Broken

  • The dogs Joel bred were expensive, well trained, and obtainable only when he was certain the person buying them was capable of taking good care of them. They were good dogs—better, he’d told me seriously, than most people he knew. He had no use for idiots who didn’t respect the damage dogs could do when left untrained or put in situations where they felt they had to defend themselves100
  • In addition to breeding, he and his wife rehabbed the “aggressive” dogs that were brought to the local shelters that would otherwise have just put the dogs down100
  • The dogs will take on anything to defend Joel or Lucia105
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