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General Fae Facts and Behavior

From Chat Transcripts

  • the fae are whimsically evil-which means if you annoy them, you are likely to cease to exist–or wish that you might cease to exist Chat 2007-08-25
  • the fae were not happy with the wolves decision to come out to the public; they'd just gotten the humans to calm down about the fae–they were worried that the wolves revelation would stir things up again Chat 2007-08-25

Mercy Thompson Series

Moon Called

Mercy Thompson Series #1: Moon Called

  • fae don't like it if they thing you've lied to them
  • the wrong kind of fae will take your thanks as an admission that you feel obligated to them. Which means that you must then do whatever they ask154
  • crosses can be used against some of the nastier fae157
  • prayer has some effect on some of the oldest of the dark fae158
  • most fae are very sensitive to iron
  • fae are right; forensics, satellite surveillance, and digital cameras are making the keeping of secrets hard
  • older fae generally amass some wealth

Blood Bound

Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound

  • the fae don't like the police prying into their business124
  • the fae weren't very organized, and tended to ignore other people's problems124
  • the police were responsible for keeping the peace when they only knew the things that the fae wanted them to know
  • the fae aren't as gentle or powerless as they try to let on126
  • never put yourself in a position where harm to you would make the fae community safer; it's not in their best interest to harm anyone
  • be careful not to make yourself a threat to them
  • Weather was a Great Magic, not something that most fae had the power to alter
  • fae like big vehicles

Iron Kissed

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • the fae treasure things no matter how useless they are in our modern world; for a fae having something that held the remnant of magic lost to them was power
  • power in the fae world meant safety
  • fae are a secretive people
  • most fae lived among humans under their glamour
  • people are not ready to deal with the fae's true appearance
  • some of them looked human, but they also don't age
  • the fae are a vengeance hungry race63
  • sometimes talking about the fae too directly lets them listen in29
  • old creatures revert to older laws when push comes to shove44
  • fae are not able to tell a lie…but truth and honesty are rather different10
  • they are very good at making you think they are saying one thing, when they mean another, but they cannot lie64
  • they can do the damnedest things with the truth, but they cannot lie64
  • the fae are not fond of attracting outside attention; it can be dangerous for everyone62
  • they are also quite aware of the way most humans, including the Feds, feel about them; 'the only good fae is a dead fae' mentality is quite prevalent62
  • a lot of fae in the rez, if left to their preferred diets, would happily eat people…especially children64
  • fae who are suspected of crimes tend not to survive to need lawyers47
  • the fae need humans; pure fae do not breed easily, if at all; they need to intermarry in order to keep their race going and they hate humanity for that most of all; they are proud and arrogant and they hate humans because they need them134
  • a fae doesn't consort with the enemy215
  • the fae are a secretive people, and even the risk of disobeying the Gray Lords' orders in not worth giving up all our their secrets215
  • there are few fae with good noses; so with glamour less effort is spent there and more on other senses
  • iron is fatal to most fae
  • mostly the fae kept to themselves
  • sometimes talking about the fae directly lets them listen in
  • fae are often cruel
  • most fairy gifts are more curse than blessing

Bone Crossed

Mercy Thompson Series #4: Bone Crossed

  • you didn't ask for favors from the fae–not only was it dangerous, but they tended to take offense39
  • they smell like the four elements that the old philosophers proposed: earth, air, fire, and water, with a healthy does of magic86

Silver Borne

Mercy Thompson Series #5: Silver Borne

  • officially, all the fae are out to the public and have been for a long time; but the truth is that the Gray Lords have been very selective about which of them the public gets to know about and which ones might upset the public07
  • fae don't lie08
  • thanking a fae implies that you feel indebted, and being indebted to a fae is a very bad thing08
  • most fae smell like of the elements the old alchemists claimed made up the universe – earth, air, fire, and water; never more than one123
  • not clear if fae can figure out if someone is lying as we as the werewolves can, but any group that has a prohibition against lying that is as stringent as the fae's probably has a method to detect when it happens125
  • a lot of fae are predators by nature, and among the things they like to eat are people157
  • not all fae have their organs in exactly the same places that humans do158
  • some of the fae bleed odd colors159
  • most fae gifts are mixed blessings172
  • fae often say things that sound odd to human ears192

River Marked

Mercy Thompson Series #6: River Marked

  • fae have been out since the 1980's22
  • despite rumour, the fae have no trouble going into a church of whatever denomination or religion30
  • it's the steel that early Christian church brought along with it that was deadly to the fae, not Christianity itself – though sometimes the fae forget that part30
  • fae never give you anything for nothing77

Frost Burned

Mercy Thompson Series #7: Frost Burned

  • not all fae were long-lived175
  • some had lives comparable to insects' - a few seasons, then gone; most of those were gone in truth175
  • their more fragile lives incapable of dealing with the steel and concrete that was conquering the earth175
  • others lived nearly human long- twenty years for some, a hundred and fifty for others175
  • originally only a small percentage of fae were nearly immortal176
  • the rise of humans and technology had selected for those tougher fae, and they now accounted for a far higher percentage of the fae than they ever had before176

Night Broken

Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken

  • dealing with the fae is always full of surprises31
  • who can predict the fae; not even the fae78

Fire Touched

Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched

  • some of the fae have favorite glamours they wear, visual impressions are not a definitive way to recognize a fae201
  • scent is much more difficult for them to change201
  • remember to dot your tees and cross your eyes when dealing with the fae334

Silence Fallen

Storm Cursed

Mercy Thompson Series #11: Storm Cursed

  • fae are creatures who lives are bound by rules282

Smoke Bitten

Mercy Thompson Series #12: Smoke Bitten

  • the fae can't lie without suffering a horrible fate283
  • the weaker the fae, the more rules they have283

Alpha & Omega Series

Hunting Ground

Alpha & Omega Series #2: Hunting Ground

  • with a fae it was always a good policy to bring an extra gift in lieu of a “thank you”. Saying those words could be dangerous, as some fae took them to be an admission of obligation33
  • they are cursed with the love of beautiful things and no ability to create them. Not all fae, of course. But many of those that are most deeply steeped in magic give up creative abilities of all kinds44
  • it's not difficult to offend most fae52
  • staying on the right side of the fae is an interesting dance52

Fair Game

Alpha & Omega Series #3: Fair Game * from 1908 until a few years ago, it was the policy of the Gray Lords, to find fae of scarce but useful types and force them to marry and interbreed with humans since humans breed much more rapidly than the fae do125

Dead Heat

Alpha & Omega Series #4: Dead Heat

  • hunting a fae was different from hunting a deer or elk; more challenging—and more satisfying; takes patience and care124

Mercyverse Short Fiction


Mercyverse Short Fiction: Silver

  • the fae were tough, vicious, and deadly—espcially the ones that strode through the forest as though they owned it14


Mercyverse Short Fiction: Hollow

  • steel—not as good as cold iron for dealing with the fae, but not a bad second choice431
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