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knowing a demon’s name gave you power over themBB- greater and lesser spirits, demons or devils all serve evilBB-53 greater servants are bound away from our world but can be invited inBB-53 demons serve only one master wellBB-54 are evil, nasty, and powerless unless they manage to attach themselves like a parasite; either they are invited in as a guest, which is what makes a sorcerer, or they sneak in because someone weak of will does an evil thingBB-133 a demon, who could just possess any corrupt soul (and to offer yourself to a demon sort of presupposes a corrupt soul, doesn’t it?) make a deal with anyone? a simple demon possession doesn't last long because the possessed man cannot blend in: a demon in control wants one thing - destructionBB-133 you can't kill a demon; all you can do is remove the threat by killing its hostBB-134 Demons crave chaos, violence, and deathBB Demons are not patient creatures Sorcerers sell themselves to demons for knowledge and power Dragon

like the fae who are most deeply steeped in magic, they have given up creative abilities of all kindsHG-44 Dragons can't createHG-44 work of artHG-44

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