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Angus Hopper


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Name: Angus Hopper

Appearances and Mentions:

A&O 2: Hunting Ground

AKA: Liam Angus Magnusson

Gender: Male

Classification: Werewolf [Pack Affiliation] See Emerald City Pack | Alpha See Werewolf Ethology

Classification Description: N/A [Changed] N/A

Father: Thomas Magnusson

Mother: Margaret Hooper

Significant Other: N/A

Residence: Condo | Seattle, WA House | Issaquah, WA See Blueprints and Property Descriptions

Occupation: [Previous] Butcher for twenty yearsHG-219 [Present] Owner | High-tech company

Vehicle: N/A

Physical Description: only an inch or two taller than Anna's 5'2“; didn't weigh much moreHG-115 wiry and whip-thinHG-115 casually handsome; sandy hair and dark eyesHG-115 his voice, when he choose to use it, was powerful enough to raise the deadHG-117

Character Traits & Facts:

From Seeing Eye: could have made a living as a televangelist with his raw fire-and-brimstone voiceSE-33

From Hunting Ground: owns a condo in SeattleHG-22 his company put together programs that keep other companies runningHG-23 the company owns an apartment in SeattleHG-23 owns a pair of warehouses; they are the pack's hunting grounds; he's turned them into a maze—tunnels, lots of half stories and walls that can be moved to change it upHG-96 people who didn't know him underestimated him all the timeHG-115 been an Alpha for a long timeHG-117 had no use for anyone who wasn't a wolfHG-123

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