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Alan Mackenzie Frazier|Deceased


Physical Description

Moon Called

  • Gaunt, as though he'd been a while without food2
  • White-bread American-except the part about being a werewolf-with chestnut hair and brown eyes. He was tall enough to be eighteen, but Mercy's instincts, which are pretty good, pinned his age closer to fifteen. His shoulders were wide but bony, and his hands were a little large, as if he still had some growing to do before he grew into the man he would be2


Alan Mackenzie Frazier Injuries & Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #1: Moon Called
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Broken Collarbone48 Mercy Thompson

Appearances & Mentions



Moon Called

  • Had been a werewolf for two months34
  • After the attack, he woke up in a cage in someone's basement. There was someone in the room and when he opened his eyes, the man said, “Good, you'll live. Leo will be happy to see it.”34
  • Was sold for twelve thousand dollars35
  • Werewolves kept putting things in his food and giving him shots. Once when he wouldn't cooperate they used a dart gun36
  • Doesn't remember everything that happens when he's the wolf37
  • His wolf form was dark gray. He had one white foot and a white stripe down his nose51



Previously from Naperville, Illinois

Family & Significant Other

Parents - Unknown

Brother - Unknown

Moon Called

  • Named after his grandfather who died the year he was born47


Character Traits & Facts

Moon Called

  • Was sixteen years old302

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Spirituality & Personality

Moon Called

  • Either he was naturally reticent or had learned how to keep his mouth shut8
  • A natural leader, a dominant who might very well eventually become an Alpha in his own right41

Talents & Skills

Moon Called

  • Didn't know a lot about fixing cars, but used to help his uncle keep his Bug running3
  • Had obviously spent a few hours under the hood of a car8

Health & Fitness

Moon Called

  • There was no mist rising from his face, no heartbeat63
  • Died from a massive allergic reaction to the silver121

Storm Cursed

  • Had been dead more than three years90


Moon Called

  • Had read Lewis Carroll22


With the Wolves

Moon Called

  • Bran would see to it that a hiker would find Mac's remains in the spring so that his parents wouldn't have to wait by the phone forever303
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