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Pack Magic, Ceremonies & Ritual Behavior

Challenge & Dominance Fights

Mercy Thompson Series #5: Silver Borne

  • an Alpha can be challenged at any time221
  • the Marrok doesn't allow fights for an Alpha position without his consent221
  • not even fear of the Marrok can completely control the nature of the pack221
  • there is no tradition that dictates dominance fights have to be done in human form229
  • it is common though, because it makes the challenge more about skill and strength; when you are armed with fangs and claws, a lucky hit can take out a more skilled opponent229
  • traditional for the family of the Alpha to have the equivalent of ringside seats for the fight230
  • formality of running the challenge by the Marrok231
  • women don't fight in challenge fights231
  • the challenger must be within three ranks of the challengee232
  • the official code of conduct; says challenge within “three men” of your rank; it does not say that the challenger has to be a man234

Mercy Thompson Series #9: Fire Touched

  • outside Alpha challenges were so unusual as to be almost unheard-of116
  • outside challenges usually came from lone wolves too dominant to be welcomed into a pack on their own116
  • one Alpha only challenged another when two packs were too close together—or if an Alpha had a personal vendetta against another116
  • such battles were supposed to be one-on-one, but, historically speaking, unless an Alpha was utterly useless, his pack would fight for him117
  • quite often both Alphas and most of both packs would die in the fight117

The October Change

Joining a Pack

Mating Bonds

Pack Bonds

Pack Laws

Mercy Thompson Series #2: Blood Bound

  • werewolves' trials tend to convene on the spot rather than six months after a crime; they are also over in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes57
  • can't convince your pack Alpha you are less trouble to him alive than dead? Too bad57
  • pack law; necessarily brutal57
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