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 ====== Pack Magic, Ceremonies & Ritual Behavior ====== ====== Pack Magic, Ceremonies & Ritual Behavior ======
 [[Werewolf Magic & Ritual Behavior]] [[Werewolf Magic & Ritual Behavior]]
 +=====Challenge & Dominance Fights=====
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]
 +  * most werewolves died in dominance fights with other wolves<sup>201</sup>
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #5: [[Silver Borne]]
 +  * an Alpha can be challenged at any time<sup>221</sup>
 +  * the [[Marrok]] doesn't allow fights for an Alpha position without his consent<sup>221</sup>
 +  * not even fear of the Marrok can completely control the nature of the pack<sup>221</sup>
 +  * there is no tradition that dictates dominance fights have to be done in human form<sup>229</sup>
 +  * it is common though, because it makes the challenge more about skill and strength; when you are armed with fangs and claws, a lucky hit can take out a more skilled opponent<sup>229</sup>
 +  * traditional for the family of the Alpha to have the equivalent of ringside seats for the fight<sup>230</sup>
 +  * formality of running the challenge by the Marrok<sup>231</sup>
 +  * women don't fight in challenge fights<sup>231</sup>
 +  * the challenger must be within three ranks of the challengee<sup>232</sup>
 +  * the official code of conduct; says challenge within "three men" of your rank; it does not say that the challenger has to be a man<sup>234</sup>
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #9: [[Fire Touched]]
 +  * outside Alpha challenges were so unusual as to be almost unheard-of<sup>116</sup>
 +  * outside challenges usually came from lone wolves too dominant to be welcomed into a pack on their own<sup>116</sup>
 +  * one Alpha only challenged another when two packs were too close together—or if an Alpha had a personal vendetta against another<sup>116</sup>
 +  * such battles were supposed to be one-on-one, but, historically speaking, unless an Alpha was utterly useless, his pack would fight for him<sup>117</sup>
 +  * quite often both Alphas and most of both packs would die in the fight<sup>117</sup>
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #12: [[Smoke Bitten]]
 +  * at its heart, taking over a pack is simple: kill the Alpha in a challenge<sup>105</sup>
 =====The October Change===== =====The October Change=====
-=====Joining Pack=====+[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]] 
 +  * the last full moon of October, all of those who chose to try to become werewolves were allowed to come forward<sup>74</sup> 
 +  * in a formal ceremony they were savaged by [[Bran Cornick]], or by some other wolf who loved them, in the hopes they would rise Changed<sup>74</sup> 
 +=====Hunting Song===== 
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]] 
 +  * instinct takes over when wolf is on the hunt<sup>79</sup> 
 +  *  
 +====The First Hunt==== 
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]] 
 +  * the first hunt should not be interrupted<sup>82</sup> 
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #2: [[Blood Bound]] 
 +  * a basic question asked of new werewolves who were ready to go for their first hung; what do you do when you're out hunting and you can't find any tracks or scent? You go to places that will attract your prey<sup>224</sup> 
 +[[Roses in Winter]] 
 +  * no allowances are made for age or gender<sup>292</sup> 
 +  * half the business of the First Hunt is establishing how dominant the wolves are; it gets bloody<sup>292</sup> 
 +=====Flesh-and-Blood Ceremony===== 
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #4: [[Bone Crossed]] 
 +  * the Alpha's blood and flesh<sup>68</sup> 
 +      * "From this day forward 
 +      * Mine to me and mine. Pack.  
 +      * "Yours to you, mine to me. 
 +  * Magic burns through, following the path of that bit of flesh; made you pack<sup>69</sup> 
 +  * it was more usual to do it in full pack meeting, but the pack wasn't required; just a bit of the Alpha's flesh and blood and an exchange of vows<sup>70</sup> 
 +  * wolf packs were dictatorships, but when you're dealing with a bunch of Americans brought up on the Bill of Rights, you still had to step a little carefully<sup>74</sup> 
 +  * new members were generally announced as prospective rather than as faits accomplis<sup>74</sup> 
 +  * non-werewolf mates weren't part of the pack, not really; they had status, as the mates of wolves, but they weren't pack; couldn't be made into pack with fifty flesh-and-blood ceremonies—the magic just wouldn't let a human in<sup>74</sup><sup>74</sup> 
 ===== Mating Bonds =====  ===== Mating Bonds ===== 
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #4: [[Bone Crossed]]
 +  * mate bonds, when they settle down, are different for different couples—and being Alpha adds a twist to it as well<sup>244</sup>
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #5: [[Silver Borne]]
 +  * mating bond is different from a pack bond; it originates in one mate and ends in the other; softer, stronger, and deeper<sup>324</sup>
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #6: [[River Marked]]
 +  * mating is a lot more permanent than marriage; it's usually if you find your mate he's not going to be someone you need to divorce<sup>49</sup>
 +  * abuse is almost not possible when two people are connected by a mating bond, and it gives you insight into your mate that allows you to avoid the nastier fights that snowball into cold distance<sup>49</sup>
 +  * the mating bond is pack magic<sup>49</sup>
 +  * 
 ===== Pack Bonds =====  ===== Pack Bonds ===== 
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #4: [[Bone Crossed]]
 +  * benefit of the pack bond; feel strong emotion of other pack members; Alpha gets things first<sup>161</sup>
 +  * the trick is to join with the pack without losing yourself in them—it's instinctive for the werewolves<sup>249</sup>
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #5: [[Silver Borne]]
 +  * pack existed before ceremonies; magic binds more obviously, more extensively, but not more deeply<sup>56</sup>
 +  * it is possible of pack being able to influence someone through the bonds<sup>36</sup>
 +  * with the pack bond it's possible to suck energy from pack members<sup>40</sup>
 +  * borrowing strength was one of those things that came with a pack bond<sup>56</sup>
 +  * pack bonds are not so different from thrall magic<sup>322</sup>
 +  * pack bonds are not built to subdue individuality to the Alpha or enforce behavior of any kind<sup>322</sup>
 +  * a pack needs all its differences, and they find strength in that<sup>322</sup>
 +  * when a bond is broken and the wolves can still feel that someone in the packs bonds, its been known to happen when people die<sup>336</sup>
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #6: [[River Marked]]
 +  * pack bonds could be a nuisance sometimes<sup>182</sup>
 +  * 
 ======Pack Laws====== ======Pack Laws======
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]
 +  * strongly discouraged telling anyone other than permanent mates that you were a werewolf<sup>134</sup>
 +  * werewolves don't have jails; the people who break their laws are either punished physically or killed<sup>134</sup>
 +  * werewolves take their secrecy very seriously; it's how they've remained undetected for so long<sup>141</sup>
 +  * disobeying a direct order from the Alpha; penalty is brutal<sup>142</sup>
 +  * the laws have to be enforced or risk rebellion in a pack<sup>145</sup>
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #2: [[Blood Bound]]
 +  * werewolves' trials tend to convene on the spot rather than six months after a crime; they are also over in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes<sup>57</sup>
 +  * can't convince your pack Alpha you are less trouble to him alive than dead? Too bad<sup>57</sup>
 +  * pack law; necessarily brutal<sup>57</sup>
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