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 ====== Vampire Seethes ====== ====== Vampire Seethes ======
-[[vampire seethes]]+A snapshot of all known [[vampire seethes]] in the Mercyverse. Links lead to pages with expanded seethe details.
-====== Identified Vampires ====== +====== Identified Vampires & Sheep ====== 
-[[Identified Vampires & Sheep]]+A snapshot of all [[Identified Vampires & Sheep]] in the Mercyverse. Links lead to individual character pages and expanded detail story pages. 
 +====== Vampire History ====== 
 +===== The Before Times ===== 
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #2: [[Blood Bound]]\\ 
 +__**The Before Times**__ <sup>16</sup> 
 +  * vampires ate as they chose and reveled in the terror and the last throes of their prey 
 +  * Blood Lust/"**lost in blood**"; old ceremony - forbidden now; reveling in the blood of the victim, painting it on hands and face 
 +  * memory lapse is not inconsistent with blood lust; usually only dulls unimportant things 
 +[[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]\\ 
 +__ **A Brief History**__<sup>191</sup> 
 +  * vampires were Old World preternatural creatures 
 +  * they'd come over for the same reasons most humans did: to gain wealth, power, or land, and to escape persecution 
 +  * during the Renaissance, vampires had been an open secret; being thought one added power and prestige 
 +  * cities of Italy and France became havens for them 
 +  * their numbers were not great 
 +  * like werewolves, humans who would become vampires died more often than they accomplished their goal 
 +  * most of the princes and nobles believed to be vampires were just clever men who saw the claim as a way to discourage rivals 
 +  * when the Spanish invasion of the New World filled the coffers of the Church so they no longer had to depend upon the favor of the nobles, they went after the vampires as well as any other preternatural creature they could find 
 +  * hundreds of people died, if not thousands, accused of vampirism, witchcraft, or lycanthropy 
 +  * only a small percentage of those who died actually were vampires, but those losses were still severe 
 +  * humans breed much faster than the undead 
 +  * vampires came to the New World, victims of religious persecution 
 +  * they along with the other immigrants (fae and werewolf) destroyed most of the preternatural creatures who had lived in the Americas, until at last, even the bare stories of their existence were mostly gone 
 +====== General Vampire Facts & Behavior ====== 
 +[[General Vampire Facts & Behavior]] 
 +====== Vampire Physiology ====== 
 +[[Vampire Physiology]] 
 +====== Vampire Stages & Development ====== 
 +[[Vampire Stages & Development]] 
 +=====Making of a Vampire===== 
 +====Binding & Turning==== 
 +=====Fledgling Vampires===== 
 +=====Master Vampires===== 
 +=====Vampire Talents===== 
 +=====Ways to Kill a Vampire===== 
 +====== Vampire Ceremonies & Ritual Behavior ====== 
 +[[Vampire Ceremonies  & Ritual Behavior]] 
 +===== Under a Vampire's Protection ===== 
 +===== Articles of Magic ===== 
 +===== Vampire Magic ===== 
 +hungry vampire fledglings have a tendency to go out and find their own foodRM-11 
 +a vampire likes to keep a food supply at hand, so they live with a small group of humans, usually anywhere from three to sevenBB-207 
 +three are enough to provide food for a month before they die, seven is enough for six monthsBB-207 
 +it takes a couple of years for a vampire to establish a connection strong enough with their menagerie so that they can control themBB-165 
 +the longer a person belongs to a vampire, the harder it is for the vampire to keep from killing himBB-209 
 +a human without protection (wolf pack bond, for example) who was food for the same vampire more than once could become a pet--as all the people in the menagerie were: dependent upon the vampire and ready to follow any orders he might give themRM-14 
 +a vampire's menagerie is made up of victims; most of them die very slowlyRM-27 
 +a wooden stake, holy water or sunlight 
 +the stake is better if it's oak, ash, or yew; if you kill them that way you have to cut off their heads or burn the body to make sure they stay deadBB-166 
 +a dead vampire is ashes; if there's a body, it'll come backBB-166 
 +you'd need a whole swimming pool of holy water to kill oneBB-166 
 +fire's bestBB-166 
 +See Articles of Magic | Magic Related 
 +to be under the protection of a vampire means your safety is their honorMC-177
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