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   *    * 
 ====Mercy Thompson Trailer==== ====Mercy Thompson Trailer====
-[[Mercy Thompson Trailer]] | [[Trailer Blueprint]]\\+[[Mercy Thompson Trailer]] | [[|Trailer Blueprint]]\\
 **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]\\ **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]\\
 **Location**: Finley, Washington\\ **Location**: Finley, Washington\\
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 ===== Alpha & Omega Series ===== ===== Alpha & Omega Series =====
 ====Bran Cornick House==== ====Bran Cornick House====
-[[Bran Cornick House]] | [[Bran Cornick Blueprint]]\\+[[Bran Cornick House]] | [[|Bran Cornick Blueprint]]\\
 **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #2: [[Blood Bound]]\\ **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #2: [[Blood Bound]]\\
 **Location**: Pasco, Washington\\ **Location**: Pasco, Washington\\
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   * the pole barn is motor home sized; that along with strategically planted foliage, protected his privacy<sup>278</sup>   * the pole barn is motor home sized; that along with strategically planted foliage, protected his privacy<sup>278</sup>
   * neighboring houses but they were closer to the highway<sup>278</sup>   * neighboring houses but they were closer to the highway<sup>278</sup>
 +  * grass was knee high, and flowers were planted around the edge of the house, long dead<sup>280</sup>
 +  * Like the house, the dining room was small but pretty. The floor was oak, antiqued with a white wash that made the room feel bigger than it was. On one side of the room was a brick fireplace. Family photographs covered most of the surface of the mantelpiece. Children and grandchildren, and none of them related to Andre<sup>281</sup>
 +  * the kitchen was surprisingly big for the size of the house. Someone had painted the wooden cabinets white, then toll-painted flowers and vines all over. The window over the sink was covered with dark green garbage sacks sealed with duct tape so no light would get through<sup>281</sup>
 +  * the basement was a very deep hole dug into the dirt to allow access to the plumbing under the house. There were a few old shelves leaned up against a foundation wall, and some fencing materials. On the other side of the room was a canopy bed straight out of a bodice-ripper romance<sup>283</sup>
 ====Angus Hopper House==== ====Angus Hopper House====
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 **Description** **Description**
-  * Unordered List Item+   
 +[[Night Broken]] 
 +  Wulfe's house was in a housing development that had been an orchard ten years ago. The houses in this one almost escaped that “we were all designed by the same architect and you can pick one of three house plans” sameness. It had been in place long enough for hedges and greenery, but not quite long enough for big trees.  
 +  * The neighborhood was firmly middle-class, with mobile basketball hoops in front of the garage doors in driveways and swing sets in the backyards. The people who lived right next door to Wulfe had a giant cedar kid’s activity center—it was way too huge to be merely a swing set—and an aboveground swimming pool in their side yard. The side yard right next to Wulfe’s house<sup>264</sup>  
 +  * Though it looked spotlessly clean, the interior of the house smelled<sup>265</sup> 
 +  * 1950s chrome and green Formica kitchen tables. There were three chairs that matched the table: two of them were knocked over, and the third was tucked in where it belonged on the side of the table<sup>266</sup>  
 +  * The light over the dining-room table was on, and someone had put daylight bulbs in the fixture because the tabletop looked more like an operating table than a place people might sit down and eat breakfast<sup>266</sup> 
 ===== X ===== ===== X =====
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