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   *    * 
 ====Mercy Thompson Trailer==== ====Mercy Thompson Trailer====
-[[Mercy Thompson Trailer]] | [[Trailer Blueprint]]\\+[[Mercy Thompson Trailer]] | [[|Trailer Blueprint]]\\
 **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]\\ **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]\\
 **Location**: Finley, Washington\\ **Location**: Finley, Washington\\
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 ===== Alpha & Omega Series ===== ===== Alpha & Omega Series =====
 ====Bran Cornick House==== ====Bran Cornick House====
-[[Bran Cornick House]] | [[Bran Cornick Blueprint]]\\+[[Bran Cornick House]] | [[|Bran Cornick Blueprint]]\\
 **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #2: [[Blood Bound]]\\ **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #2: [[Blood Bound]]\\
 **Location**: Pasco, Washington\\ **Location**: Pasco, Washington\\
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   * the pole barn is motor home sized; that along with strategically planted foliage, protected his privacy<sup>278</sup>   * the pole barn is motor home sized; that along with strategically planted foliage, protected his privacy<sup>278</sup>
   * neighboring houses but they were closer to the highway<sup>278</sup>   * neighboring houses but they were closer to the highway<sup>278</sup>
 +  * grass was knee high, and flowers were planted around the edge of the house, long dead<sup>280</sup>
 +  * Like the house, the dining room was small but pretty. The floor was oak, antiqued with a white wash that made the room feel bigger than it was. On one side of the room was a brick fireplace. Family photographs covered most of the surface of the mantelpiece. Children and grandchildren, and none of them related to Andre<sup>281</sup>
 +  * the kitchen was surprisingly big for the size of the house. Someone had painted the wooden cabinets white, then toll-painted flowers and vines all over. The window over the sink was covered with dark green garbage sacks sealed with duct tape so no light would get through<sup>281</sup>
 +  * the basement was a very deep hole dug into the dirt to allow access to the plumbing under the house. There were a few old shelves leaned up against a foundation wall, and some fencing materials. On the other side of the room was a canopy bed straight out of a bodice-ripper romance<sup>283</sup>
 ====Angus Hopper House==== ====Angus Hopper House====
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 ===== B ===== ===== B =====
 +====Ben Shaw House====
 +Ben Shaw House \\
 +**IA**: [[Mercyverse Short Fiction]]: [[Redemption]]\\
 +**Location**: \\
 +[[Ben Shaw]]\\
 +  * 
 ====Bonarata Lair==== ====Bonarata Lair====
 Bonarata Lair \\ Bonarata Lair \\
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 ====Mid-Columbia Seethe Lair==== ====Mid-Columbia Seethe Lair====
-[[Mid-Columbia Seethe Lair]] \\+Mid-Columbia Seethe Lair \\
 **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]\\ **IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]\\
 **Location**: Kennewick, Washington\\ **Location**: Kennewick, Washington\\
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 [[Mid-Columbia Seethe]]\\ [[Mid-Columbia Seethe]]\\
-**Description** +**Description**\\ 
-  * Unordered List Item+[[Moon Called]] 
 +  * road cut into the side of a hill that overlooked the town, and for thirty years, doctors, lawyers, and CEOs had been building their four-thousand-square-foot homes on the steeply sloped lots; the vampires had been there first<sup>163</sup> 
 +  * end of the main street, a smaller gravel road broke off and cut between a pair of two-story brick edifices; looked almost like it might be a driveway but continued past the houses and into the undeveloped area behind them<sup>163</sup> 
 +  * a quarter mile through usual eastern Washington scrub; then up over a small ridge that was just large enough to hide a two-story, sprawling hacienda surrounded by an eight-foot wall<sup>163</sup> 
 +  * the road came down the hill and limited the view of the house through the double, wrought-iron gates<sup>163</sup> 
 +  * the sweeping Spanish arches that graced the sides of the building disguised the scarcity of windows<sup>164</sup> 
 +  * ground leveled for parking just outside the walls<sup>164</sup> 
 +  * the front gates were large enough to drive a semi through them<sup>166</sup> 
 +  * around the side is a small, open door in the wall for secondary access<sup>166</sup> 
 +  * building is surrounded by undeveloped scrub outside the gates; the interior grounds were elaborate; the grass, dark and luxurious; roses in protected areas near the house, mums; formal French-style garden, organized beds and meticulous grooming<sup>166</sup> 
 +  * gardens look odd next to the Spanish-style adobe<sup>167</sup> 
 +  * grapevines lined the wall; bare in the winter<sup>167</sup> 
 +  * cobbled path goes past a swimming pool around the corner of the house to a broad swath of lawn; across the lawn is a two-story guesthouse almost a third the size of the main house<sup>167</sup> 
 +  * guesthouse has an entry hall decorated aggressively in the colors and textures of the American Southwest, complete with clay pots and kachina dolls<sup>167</sup> 
 +  * the decor was overwhelmed by the smell of mostly unfamiliar flowers and herbs rather than the scents of the desert<sup>167</sup> 
 +  * potpourri didn't disguise the smell of old leather and rotting fabrics<sup>167</sup> 
 +  * past the entry hall through the soaring ceilings of a living room into the sitting room hall; half again the size of the biggest room in Mercy's trailer; cozy; not Southwest themed but the colors were still warm earth tones<sup>167</sup> 
 +  * comfortable; soft fluffy furniture<sup>167</sup> 
 +  * matching chairs; a love seat<sup>168</sup> 
 +  * a large window dominated the room<sup>168</sup> 
 +  * upright piano with a bench tucked into one corner of the room<sup>169</sup> 
 +  * out of the sitting room through the house to an alcove sheltering a wrought-iron spiral staircase<sup>173</sup> 
 +  * the stairway went deeper than a basement; small lights on the cement wall surrounded the stairs; they're motion lights; they allow one to see the stairs—travelling down a cement tube; lights not bright enough do more more<sup>173</sup> 
 +  * fresh air wafted out of small vents that kept the air moving<sup>173</sup> 
 +  * it goes down twenty five feet from the surface<sup>173</sup> 
 +  * the stairway ended in a pad of cement; absolute darkness; smell of bleach<sup>173</sup> 
 +  * motion sensitive fluorescent lights revealed a empty room with cement floors, walls and ceilings; sterile empty effect<sup>173</sup> 
 +  * through the room and into a narrow tunnel that sloped gently upward; steel doors without knobs or handles lined the tunnel at even intervals; things moving behind the doors<sup>174</sup> 
 +  * tunnel took a narrow turn, the floor became a steep upward set of twelve stairs that ended in a room with curved plaster walls, wooden floors, and soft lighting; directly opposite the stairway was mocha leather couch with curves that echoed the walls<sup>174</sup> 
 +  * elevator hidden behind one of the doors in the corridor; leads to the main house 
 +  * opens into a kitchen; bright lights and bird's-eye maple cabinetry, creamy stone countertops; no windows but a clever use of mirrors and backlit stained-glass panels to make up for the lack<sup>184</sup> 
 +  * next to the refrigerator was an outside door that leads to the manicured lawn<sup>184</sup> 
 +  * the houses are connected by tunnels<sup>184</sup> 
 +[[Blood Bound]] 
 +  * wrought-iron gates; brightly lit courtyard<sup>70</sup> 
 +  * huge hacienda-style, adobe house; circular drive<sup>70</sup> 
 +  * smaller guest house tucked into the backyard<sup>70</sup> 
 +  * main house front door makes a curious groaning noise<sup>70</sup> 
 +  *  entry way; small sitting room it led into then down the hall; one side of the hall had three doors with arched tops, all closed, but the other side opened into a very large, airy room with a high ceiling and recessed lights<sup>71</sup> 
 +  * walls cover with brightly colored paintings, some floor to ceiling<sup>71</sup> 
 +  * walls painted a soft yellow; made it feel bright and cheerful even though no windows<sup>71</sup> 
 +  * floor was made of dark clay tiles in a variety of reddish browns; light neutral-colored woven rugs scattered about almost at random<sup>71</sup> 
 +  * three couches, five comfy-looking chairs; coral color southwestern feel, set in a loose semicircle around a large wooden chair [[articles_of_magic#questioning_seat|Questioning Seat]]<sup>71</sup>
 ====Milan Seethe Lair==== ====Milan Seethe Lair====
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 ===== N ===== ===== N =====
 ====Nadia Popov House==== ====Nadia Popov House====
-[[Nadia Popov House]] | \\+Nadia Popov House \\
 **IA**: [[Mercyverse Short Fiction]]: [[In Red, with Pearls]]\\ **IA**: [[Mercyverse Short Fiction]]: [[In Red, with Pearls]]\\
 **Location**: Richland, Washington\\ **Location**: Richland, Washington\\
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 ====Stefan Uccello Lair==== ====Stefan Uccello Lair====
 Stefan Uccello Lair \\ Stefan Uccello Lair \\
-**IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Moon Called]]\\ +**IA**: [[Mercy Thompson Series]] #1: [[Blood Bound]]\\ 
-**Location**: West Richland, Washington\\+**Location**: Kennewick, Washington\\
 **Affiliated**:\\ **Affiliated**:\\
 [[Stefan Uccello]]\\ [[Stefan Uccello]]\\
 **Description**\\ **Description**\\
 +[[Blood Bound]]
 +  * in the hills in Kennewick, in one of the newer subdivisions on the west side of Highway 395<sup>181</sup>
 +  * a big, sprawling brick house on a large lot with a circular drive, the kind of house that should have generations of children growing up in it<sup>181</sup>
 +  * surrounded by buildings with fake columns and two-story-high windows, it should have looked out of place<sup>181</sup>
 +  * window next to the door<sup>182</sup>
 +  * a butcher-block table; too large to fit in any rooms in Mercy's trailer; in center of the kitchen<sup>183</sup>
 +  * it has at least two tall stools to sit at<sup>183</sup>
 +  * industrial-sized coffee maker on the counter<sup>227</sup>
 +[[River Marked]]
 +  * streetlights out front<sup>03</sup>
 +  * has a front lawn<sup>03</sup>
 +  * in a ritzy neighborhood<sup>03</sup>
 +  * sidewalk to the front porch<sup>03</sup>
 +  * has a driveway; Mystery Machine parked there<sup>03</sup>
 +  * upright piano sat against the wall between the entryway and the living room<sup>07</sup>
 +  * entryway has flagstone floor<sup>07</sup>
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 **Description** **Description**
-  * Unordered List Item+   
 +[[Night Broken]] 
 +  Wulfe's house was in a housing development that had been an orchard ten years ago. The houses in this one almost escaped that “we were all designed by the same architect and you can pick one of three house plans” sameness. It had been in place long enough for hedges and greenery, but not quite long enough for big trees.  
 +  * The neighborhood was firmly middle-class, with mobile basketball hoops in front of the garage doors in driveways and swing sets in the backyards. The people who lived right next door to Wulfe had a giant cedar kid’s activity center—it was way too huge to be merely a swing set—and an aboveground swimming pool in their side yard. The side yard right next to Wulfe’s house<sup>264</sup>  
 +  * Though it looked spotlessly clean, the interior of the house smelled<sup>265</sup> 
 +  * 1950s chrome and green Formica kitchen tables. There were three chairs that matched the table: two of them were knocked over, and the third was tucked in where it belonged on the side of the table<sup>266</sup>  
 +  * The light over the dining-room table was on, and someone had put daylight bulbs in the fixture because the tabletop looked more like an operating table than a place people might sit down and eat breakfast<sup>266</sup> 
 ===== X ===== ===== X =====
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 **Description** **Description**
-  Unordered List Item+ 
 +[[Frost Burned]] 
 +  Less than a mile from Kennewick High School, a small Victorian<sup>198</sup> 
 +  * House needed paint and a little work on the porch. The yard was tiny<sup>198</sup> 
 +  * House and yard were surrounded by a wrought-iron fence that was suitably elaborate for an iron-kissed fae's home<sup>198</sup> 
 +  * Furnished sparsely and none-too-fancily despite its Victorian appointments, which included the original light fixtures and fine woodwork. The living room had a matching couch and love seat that were comfortably worn. A small flat-screen TV adorned the wall between two build-in bookcases filled with paperback books. A handmade rug softened the hardwood floor<sup>198</sup> 
 +  * To the right, a door opened to an eat-in kitchen that had a 1950's-style table for two that had passed shabby and hit antique. On the wall next to the table was a large photo of a serious, young-looking man who looked a lot like Tad. The man was dressed in a suit and standing next to a good-looking woman in a wedding dress with her brown hair in a poofy style common a couple of decades ago<sup>198</sup> 
 +  * Typically Victorian narrow and steep stairs to the second story and from there to a hallway. At the end of the hall was a half door- two feet wide by three feet tall, the kind of door that would have hidden a linen closet or a dumbwaiter<sup>199</sup> 
 +  * The room was narrow and long, wide enough, if barely, for three people to stand shoulder to shoulder. The floor was carpeted with layers of Persian rugs that were worth a not-so-small fortune<sup>203</sup> 
 +  * Unmatched bookcases lined the wall on one of the long ways of the room, ranging from hand-carved museum pieces to boards separated by cinder blocks. The top two shelves of each held a selection of unpainted metal toys. The rest of the shelves were filled with various sharp=bladed weapons. The books, and there were a lot of them, were piled on the floor on the other side of the room. The wall directly across from the doorway was entirely covered by an enormous mirror<sup>203</sup>
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