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Hurogverse World Building





Character Classifications

The Hurogverse is filled with non-magic humans as well as magic beings thought lost to history. These classifications expand more detailed sections that break down characteristics and introduce specific characters and concepts.

Mundane Humans

Mundane Humans is used in the sense of an ordinary person without any type of supernatural gift. This grouping includes ancestors.

Magic Practitioners

Includes Wizards and Mages


The Dwarves live in an underground kingdom where they have been mostly hidden from the world since the dragons vanished.

Gods & Guardians

The Hurogverse is rooted in old magic and contains active Gods and those long forgotten. The Guardians of the Hurogverse guard the temples of the Gods.

Creatures & Animals

The horses of Hurog are characters all their own. This classification includes animals and other non-speaking creatures that are featured heavily in the Hurogverse stories.


The Hurogverse contains five Kingdoms. There are places of power scattered around the kingdoms filled with old magic.

Family Trees


The Blue Guard

The Blue Guard is from Hurog and contains members from 4 of the 5 kingdoms. The group is trained and lead by Stala, and previously commanded by Fenwick DBO-51. There are no Oranstonian members as the Blue Guard was used to stop their rebellion 15 years ago DBO-51.


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