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Christy Hauptman


Physical Description

Night Broken

  • Christy was shorter than Mercy by a couple of inches, about the same size as Jesse. The body in the blouse and peasant skirt was softly curved, but not fat. Her hair, brown when Mercy had last seen her, was now blond-streaked and French-braided in a thick rope that hung to her hips38
  • Blue eyes45
  • At least 130 pounds95


Christy Hauptman Injuries/Scars
Mercy Thompson Series #8: Night Broken
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Bruised Face38 Juan Flores

Appearances & Mentions





Eugene, OR

Family & Significant Other


Travel Agent

Character Traits & Facts

River Marked

  • Big on personal freedom- as long as it was her freedom50

Night Broken

  • Grew up with golden retrievers101

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

Night Broken

  • Worked part-time at a travel agency that allowed her to travel more than she would otherwise have been able to. She put together tours and business meetings, and she was good at her job51

Spirituality & Personality

Frost Burned

  • Has a patented brand of guilt trip leavened with broken promises3

Night Broken

  • Selfish8
  • Looked out for herself first96

Talents & Skills

Night Broken

  • Good at manipulating people46
  • Practically a gourmet chef46
  • Has a way of making people worry about her60

Health & Fitness

Moon Called

  • Had four miscarriages300


Night Broken

  • Doesn't like cats67
  • Had a beautiful laugh137


With Adam

Moon Called

  • Divorced four years299
  • Tries to make him feel bad, like he's an animal300

River Marked

  • She didn't love Adam, but she had wanted to be the center of his world and would tolerate nothing else50
  • Made Adam apologize a lot, apologize for things that were not his fault83

Night Broken

  • Doesn't want Adam, but doesn't want anyone else to have him9
  • Can get Adam to do things he had no intention of doing10
  • Had been angry that Adam had insisted on moving all the way out to Finley instead of building in one of the more prestigious neighborhoods in West Richland or Kennewick. He'd given her free rein in the house to make up for the fact that he'd wanted the house next to Mercy's trailer38
  • Met Adam when she was eighteen. He'd been older than that, a werewolf already49
  • Adam paid the bills for her condo, her car, her insurance, and her phone bills50
  • Told Adam he scared her, that the werewolves scared her, and that he smothered her53
  • Still loves Adam70
  • Had been Adam's wife for over a decade134

With Jesse

Moon Called

  • Had a boyfriend who tried to climb in bed with Jesse when she was twelve. And two years ago, she left for a weekend in Vegas without telling Jesse she was going anywhere300

River Marked

  • Jealous of Jesse50

Night Broken

  • Jesse suffered every time Christy called3
  • Christy loves Jesse70

With the Wolves

River Marked

  • Jealous of the pack50

Night Broken

  • Christy was well liked by most of the pack. She was just the sort of sweet, helpless homemaker that appealed to a bunch of werewolves with too much testosterone8
  • Christy was Auriele's friend9
  • Didn't like Warren42
  • Mary Jo was Christy's friend42
  • Honey about Christy: “Helpless bitch had the whole pack-Adam included-hopping to her tune. Couldn't mow the lawn, change a tire, or carry her own laundry up the stairs. Even Peter fell for it, and he usually had better sense. She didn't like Warren-I thought at the time she was worried he was going to make a play for Adam, but mostly, I think, he didn’t fall over himself to be her slave. Darryl’s helpless against her, but at least he knows it. All that might not have been too bad, but she played them all off each other. I had my own private celebration when she left Adam.”97
  • Doesn't feel comfortable with the wolves if Adam isn't there107

With Mercy

Night Broken

  • Resents that Mercy took her place8
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