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Note: Pack details are updated as of the most recent published work

Alaska Pack (5)


Location & Relocation

N/A, Alaska

Pack House/Den

Hunting Grounds

Witch on Retainer

Miscellaneous Notes

Roses in Winter
The alpha of this pack and six other packs in that state went to remind Hatchard Cole that Alaska is a big state and he is due so much of it, and no more.

Appearances & Mentions

Pack Members

Past the Alpha & Team section pack members are listed in alphabetical order. Dominant members are noted but order of dominance past the main team is not due to fluidity.

Approximate Size

Alpha & Team

The pack Alpha and their main leadership team in addition to notable pack positions (if filled). Mates are mentioned due to shared power within the pack and significant others (SO) for quick reference.

Alpha & Leadership Team
Position Name Mate/SO Notes
Alpha Alaska (C) Alpha

Active Pack Members

Active pack members are updated to the most recent Mercyverse published work.

Active Pack Members
Name Mate/SO Notes


Transferred To Pack
Name Previous Pack Notes
Transferred Away From Pack
Name New Pack Notes

Deceased Pack Members

Both recent and historical mentions of pack member death.

Deceased Pack Members
Name Notes
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